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Yesterday was the birthday of Yuri Vizbor

Relevant Posts — 21.06.2018 at 20:01

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Yesterday was the birthday of Yuri Vizbor. Yuri Vizbor was born on 20 June 1934. In 1960-1980-ies was popular as a bard. But who in those years could have imagined that many years later in his birthday in the Kremlin Palace of congresses will hold concerts consisting of his songs? With his life in a normal concert halls is not allowed, in the best halls in the regional houses of culture. Although in life he was loved. But loved in a fairly narrow circles. And now on the facade of the building where he lived, a bas-relief. A concert recording of the songs of Yuri Vizbor of the Kremlin Palace of congresses are regularly played on the channel "Culture". Professional actors revealed new facets of his skill. Look great mini-performances created from songs-dialogues Vizbor. A particular hit has now become a song of technologist Petukhov: