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Smart bracelet/watch Makibes HR3. Who in the woods, who for firewood!

Shopper reviews shopping online stores in the world and ordinary stores 25.06.2018 at 09:18

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What is Makibes HR3? The first line of smart wristbands Makibes who knows how to do more than just count steps. In any case, as indicated on the manufacturer's website. It is claimed that all information about heart rate, distance, route, calories burned and other recorded and processed in real time. Additionally, monitored the sleep mode, owner, and there are call alerts, SMS and messages of the messengers. How it works and how is as claimed, I will tell you in this review.

And Yes, again-again-Oh-till-when it's over. The title alludes to the objectivity of the review, but to evaluate, share experiences and compare — it seems to me that the meaning of reviews?

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