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The most popular surgery in Israel

Modern medicine of Israel is based on many years of experience of intensive work of doctors in various directions and the most advanced technology. The achievements of Israeli surgeons known throughout the world, and the level of medical care in clinics and a high percentage of favorable outcomes of treatment of complex diseases derive medical sector of the state's leading position. That is why treatment and complex operations in Israel are patients from many countries.

In Israel, a widely distributed invasive laparoscopic method, which allows to carry out surgery without damaging the surrounding tissues and organs. Thus, much reduced rehabilitation period and the patient suffers less from postoperative pain which are an integral part of after surgery. Surgeons of Israel have long performed their task under the slogan – to achieve the optimum result with minimal surgical intervention.

the Treatment of hemorrhoids in Israel

Due to inactivity, change in the system of power in modern society is very common a disease as hemorrhoids. The reasons for its occurrence are many. It could be pregnancy, chronic constipation, various professional factors. Also this disease affects the age category of citizens. For fifty years 50% of the population feel the symptoms of this disease. Hemorrhoids occur increase veins of the rectum, which interferes with blood flow. The person begins to feel pain, itching, burning.

hemorrhoid Treatment in Israel with the use of innovative technologies allows to completely cure this disease. Selection of individual treatment required for each patient. This takes into account clinical studies, age, comorbidities of the patient.

In simple cases apply the following treatments:

cryotherapy effect on hemorrhoids liquid nitrogen;

laser therapy – moxibustion such nodes laser. The fastest and most secure method, as it is bloodless removal of hemorrhoids;

infrared therapy – reduction of vessels by the introduction of light-sensitive cells and exposed to infrared rays;

sclerotherapy – introduction into the artery via which node gets food, a special substance that glues the walls of blood vessels. The tissues of the host die and it disappears.

In severe forms of the disease used surgery. The new technique used in the clinics of Israel, called minimally invasive surgery. Through the anus is ligation of hemorrhoidal arteries with the aid of special apparatus under continuous ultrasound control artery. The result is a complete drying up of the nodes, and the cause of the hemorrhoids is completely eliminated. The main advantages of this method are the absence of scarring tissue and pain after surgery, reducing the recovery period. This operation is carried out even for pregnant women, not to mention the elderly. Statistics shows 100% positive results with this method of treatment. In clinics in Israel successfully employs leading colorectal surgeons and proctologists, are also involved in research activities. Among them, many have the rank of candidates and doctors of medical Sciences.

the Treatment of the prostate in Israel

inflammation of the prostate gland is a common disease among the male half of modern society. About half of the men who turn the age of fifty, suffer from this disease. Medicine Israel is recognized as one of the best in the world in the treatment of prostatitis. The application of advanced techniques in prostate treatment in clinics of Israel several times has increased the efficiency of applied methods has reduced the risk of postoperative complications. Clinics have the most modern equipment, highly qualified personnel that allows to detect the disease at an early stage and to carry out timely treatment, which is not true of the medical institutions of the EU and the United States.

Along with drug therapy, in the treatment of the prostate, using alpha-blockers. With their help patients decrease pain, and reduced frequency of urination. Use of such drugs produced under compulsory medical supervision, as they may lead to low blood pressure, as well as the patient can appear headaches. In Israeli hospitals widespread method of thermotherapy. The heat directed radio waves has a positive effect on the course of the disease and the number of patients (about 85%) helps to get rid of symptoms. Another technique that is used in clinics of Israel is the laser therapy. In parallel, the patient is assigned prostate massage.

as a result of completing a full complex of therapeutic measures and the implementation of all recommendations of the doctor patients are completely cured of prostatitis.

the Treatment of lung cancer in Israel

Today the treatment of lung cancer in the clinics of Israel has a high degree of positive results. Modern methods of treatment based on genetics, which is many times increases the patient's chances of complete cure from this disease. Removal of the affected area by surgery remains the most effective method of struggle with lung cancer. The professionalism of the surgeon, definition of surgery depends on the healing process of the patient.

also in the treatment of lung cancer may include the following methods: chemotherapy; radiation therapy is carried out on modern equipment, allowing to do the procedure safely and effectively for the patient; photodynamic therapy based on the introduction in the body with a special substance that accumulates in cancer cells. Then these cells affect specific directional light. The result of malignant cells are destroyed.

Along with these methods, Israel used many other methods in the treatment of this disease. One of the innovative methods used in clinics, is a biological therapy in which the selected drug effective for of tumors that significantly reduces the side effects compared with use of chemotherapy.

with the latest equipment, a twenty-year experience in Israel, the level of accuracy of diagnosis of lung cancer is 99% full cure in the early stages of the disease is 86%.

Treatment of a herniated disc in Israel

For many patients suffering from spinal hernia, and lost faith in the recovery, treatment in Israel rightly remains the last hope. In the Israeli clinics with highly qualified specialists able to make an accurate diagnosis and provide treatment the most modern methods and tools. The main ones include the following: non-surgical ortokin therapy, percutaneous nucleoplasty, laser valorization of the disk and others. Excellent results of treatment of disc herniation achieved with conservative methods – 71% of patients.

To innovation include the following methods: conservative treatment – a professional treatment without surgery. In the initial stages the treatment is performed with the use of modern medicines that provide pain management and treatment with vitamin. In parallel, assigned to a special massage and physiotherapy; ortokin therapy is the most effective method in the treatment of herniated cervical endoscopic percutaneous nucleoplasty is performed with an endoscope and the spiral needle; percutaneous nucleoplasty – in this method, a puncture needle into the cavity of the intervertebral disc with injected cold plasma; discectomy – surgery in which through small incisions removes the hernia and is implanted retainer that support the spine.

the Establishment of an accurate diagnosis of a herniated disc is made within three days, treatment takes place in the shortest possible time and the patient gets rid of pain forever.

a hip Replacement in Israel

joint Disease is one of the most common diseases in the world that reduces the quality of life of patients. At the advanced stage of the disease without surgical intervention is indispensable.Everyone decides for himself, to accept him for surgery or not. It is clear that the joint itself can not be restored. The disease can lead to disability. Timely surgery for hip replacement will quickly regain its functions. Dr. Israel, through many years of practice, years of proven technology, high-quality implants guarantee a 100% result in a hip replacement. The technological level of the leading clinics of Israel, not how much inferior to the best clinics of the USA and Germany. And cutting-edge designs even go a step ahead.

A wide range of services for patients at the highest level, allows the medicine of Israel is considered to be one of the best in the world.