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Without date: "Wii 2", "Coma" Movie news 28.06.2018 at 12:20

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One after the other two major Russian film remained without a specific date of the release of "Wii 2: the Secret of the seal of the dragon" left date August 16, and "Coma" has left from January 2019 to April.

the Film "Viy 2: the Secret of the seal of the dragon" is now officially out on August 16. Of the date of the release of distributor Nashe Kino is not reported, but according to one of the producers of the paintings of Alexey A. Petrukhin, this will happen in the winter, as soon as you manage pass the test with the Chinese side. It is possible that the film will qualify for the 31 January, then in 2014 it came out the first movie the future trilogy about the adventures of a British cartographer, or will be released immediately after February 5, when China will celebrate its New year — a joint Russian-Chinese film project can go in days of national holidays, and given the amount of investment in the budget on the Chinese side, the opinion of a respected investor will listen in the first place.

the Chances that the film will be released in late January, much earlier on the date of 24 January was a crush of major Russian rentals, but they gradually parted. The producer Ghevond Andreasyan said in Facebook that the project Nikita Argunov "Coma" will be released on 24 January as planned, but only in April 2019, which confirms his own statement, made at a recent defense of the project to the cinema Fund.

Another project, which is still expected at the end of January, might move to another date. We are talking about the movie "Goalkeeper of the Galaxy" Janik Fayzieva. Because of the abundance of computer graphics, it is likely that the picture will not have time to take in the stated period. In this case, in Tatiana's day on the net from the competition field will be a fantastic Comedy Jora Gooseberry "Error 102" the robot-Android, which is ready to replace his master's twin in everything, including sex life. For a holiday of students, this topic seems to be the best reason for going to the cinema. Most importantly, this film is not left without a date.