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"Dead banned dead." Moscow was left without a Mexican carnival

Radio Liberty 29.06.2018 at 15:08

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Moscow authorities after a disturbance of the Communists prohibited on the red square carnival procession "day of the dead", which was supposed to be a national house of fans of Mexico. To acquaint Russians with this picturesque tradition (the celebration called Día de los Muertos in Latin American countries usually celebrated on November 1-2) the Mexicans had indoors - the building of Gostiny Dvor. Initially, the idea to hold on red square parade, where participants dressed in costumes of skeletons and spirits of death, was extremely pleased with many users of social networks: Tatyana Krasnova What a great hit events in the location! Matvey Alekseev, on the one hand, I really want to get into it, with the camera. On the other, I am frightened by the close proximity of the Mausoleum. Andrei Desnitsky Say, on red square today, Mexicans spend the Day of the dead - a large and bright pagan holiday. Imagine they come to the mausoleum and knocking at the door: - Vova, come out and play! Oksana Sanzharova - by the Way, I say Glo, - tomorrow it's promised to arrange the day of the dead. Right on the red square. Sugar skulls, carnival... and Lenin to color and make out of the mausoleum, dreamy picks Glos. Larissa Kirillina And what else is there to celebrate? The nekrofilskoe and necromancy place. Anna Barna was a Great idea. I would Lenin dressed, I went to all the scarecrows. Fat people in spacious t-shirts support the carrying out on red square of the Mexican Day of the Dead. After all, Mexico is what? Mexico is Leon Trotsky. And the Red square is what? Red square Is the Lenin. So they will meet. Happens the world revolution. And all of you. Alina Vitukhnovskiy Dark symbolism of the event like never coincided with the location — Central Soviet necropolis, filled with undead, and headed by their permanent leader, still lying courtroom in the Mausoleum. It also coincides with the time when the whole country as a political entity, mental and semantic territory, hitherto nightmarish Sugawara like Balzac's shagreen leather, now actually died. The attempt to portray the vitality is now being made solely by perturbations of a huge number of feasting on her corpse maggots Kremlin and the siloviki-the gravediggers. What is tradition, folklore, ritual, relatively civilized Mexico, Russia is a necrophiliac reality, literalism, complementary and final single picture Russian infernal Kingdom. The Russian bureaucratic regime is so impenetrable and hopelessly stupid, censored whatever is handy, have overlooked a direct analogy for what it is — namely, the Empire is not even evil and death and decay. Think, because even evil is progressive, it is a process. Here, the process is finished. Just dance mortdecai instead of "Swan Lake". A hint of "trolling" was not lost on the Communists, who immediately demanded to ban the Mexican holiday. The Chairman of the party Maxim suraykin declared that Red square is "a sacred place" and carry out such processions is "blasphemy" and said this situation should be handled personally by Vladimir Putin. It needs to explain that if we continue to move along the trajectory of the theatre of the absurd, then tomorrow some African peoples wants to have in red square, your sacrifice or something. The reaction of the Communists, in turn, also seemed to many a symbolic, albeit illogical. Nikolay Kononov "Communists of Russia" and urged the football fans of Mexico celebrate day of the dead on red square. DO NOT BOTHER TO CELEBRATE OUR ONGOING DAY OF THE DEAD WITH YOUR STUPID ANNUAL CARNIVAL. Natasha Lizorkina Mexicans were allowed to hold on red square the day of the Dead. But this is not amazing. Amazes another - why Russian Communists were against. Day of the Dead - it's just a great celebration when one who so long lay in its sarcophagus and embalming fluid, who suffered a humiliating mobile camera, the one who finally turned into a hero of the Soviet joke will finally stand up and loudly clearing his throat, barked at me, "Comrades, what time is it?". He will come out to meet the dancing Mexicans, who could kiss him for a long time not knowing kisses the body, but he will understand nothing, and still be completely happy in this new, completely unfamiliar world. And then begins all the story. Well - or more precisely - the story will be old. But with such a unique flavor, with a slight taint in such a complete, total madness. Maxim Kononenko, the Communists believe that the celebration of the dead on red square "sow the seed of discord between the Russians and the Mexican people." And I stupidly can't figure out why?! As for the Communist Red square - this is the main venue of the festival of the dead. They are there quite regularly satisfied. "In the procession on red square will be attended by people in bright carnival and national costumes and makeup with images of skulls and figurines dressed female skeletons, reminiscent of Katrina, the main character of Day of the dead". Well, just to make skeletons similar to Inessa Armand, for example. She just buried there. And everything in its place will be. And Yes, skeletons should not be white. The skeletons must be red. Yegor Kholmogorov Communists demand not to hold a Day of the Dead in the cemetery. To get. It seems they are afraid that Koba actually rise up and they are the first to fight. But, perhaps, necessary to satisfy the demand of the comrades, and along with the cemetery clean. Alexander Feldman That g-d is the witness, but if the perfect Russia of the future ever comes, all this kommunyachy necropolis will need to drive from red square right rags. Decent people can always be honorably buried at the memorial in Mytishchi. And the geeks of the human race and destroyers of Russia by Lenin and Stalin to act as Griscomi Rasputin and Otrepyev: to burn to ashes, the ashes of a gun and inflict the fireworks over the Moscow river. Share! The last time the carnival was canceled without explanation - in the mayor's office said that the square will be held "other activities". From other sources it became known that the cancellation may be associated with the arrival of the Red square of some officials. the Network is flooded with outrage over the fact that residents and guests of Moscow has deprived of the holiday. Ekaterina Vinokurova Here will never forgive the cancellation of Day of the Dead on red square, resentment. Maria Luisa tirmaste the Creature behind the red wall, what the fuck banned Mexican carnival? Little you our pensions?! Cyril lets banned day of the dead Mexicans conduct....right now, as Spaniards lose, they will start to screw Eugene Levkovich day of the dead, a wonderful Mexican feast, carnival in costume of skeletons. In this day, families remember the dead, but not as much as we do in our dark Orthodox tradition, with songs, dances and a massive feast. So that the living envied the dead. The path to the house of the deceased makes candles so the dead could find their way to him, native cooking him all sorts of Goodies, play his favorite songs, drinking his favorite drinks. On Earth this day becomes a thousand times warmer. Perhaps the only festivities that I wanted to participate. And wow: today, the Mexicans had to spend the day of the dead in Moscow, on red square, to join its tradition (among other things, included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage of humanity), us. Figure there. Forbade them. Without explanation. As rightly someone said: "it became clear how this state can survive without a rabid police state. Exactly two weeks". Everything is logical. Live the holidays in the dead country – is nonsense. In such a should only be processions and military parades. Do not be distracted. Ivan Davydov Mexican day of the dead in Moscow banned soon die ban, and then alive. But there are, of course, and those whom the cancellation of the carnival happy. The movement of the king's Cross stop THEM GOD! GOD IS WITH US! Satanic procession was canceled!) INFA ACCURATE! In fact, "Satan's March" was not canceled, and moved with the red square in Gostiny Dvor, where it is, of course, collected much less viewers, but certainly no one is scared of unnecessary connotations. Alex Krizhevsky banned Dead dead, but they didn't listen.