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Samsung and BlackBerry continue to cooperate in the field of software development in the field of security gadgets

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All about the technique of Samsung

Korean company appreciated in the past successful in terms of security, the BlackBerry platform and has been for 4 years working hired programmers from Canada. Joint fruit of work is called Samsung Knox, which you can see at this time, this is the fruit of joint cooperation. Began a collaboration with BlackBerry in 2014, then the company has worked on projects SecuSUITE and UEM. It is now 2018 and signed the contract on cooperation of two companies comes to an end, if all so to say satisfied, it is possible to extend the contract, but if not then renew and have nothing. Apparently the brains of BlackBerry and money from Samsung according to the truth of miracles, and very likely, the contract on cooperation under any circumstances will not break, it just automatically renewed for another period. In the device of the canadian brand will be made to innovative solutions from Samsung, BlackBerry and the developers in turn will modify security systems Samsung. Work on the bugs always have to go through, and the joint corporate decision, as it turns out at the end of the reporting period received quite a few patches in the security field and need a good work on the bugs. Everyone who uses the gadgets of Galaxy series in the near future will feel the innovative refinement of programmers from Canada. Now we are working on a platform of Universal Endpoint Management (UEM), its updated version, to control the device easier and safer. About when in the future will renew the contract again until everyone is silent. Felt a huge dependence of one company from the minds and finances of another. We can safely say that when I come the next renewal term of the contract on joint works in the field of security, it will be clearly problems automatically. Platform Samsung Knox are highly appreciated in the market for cyber security, among similar developments, this software is clearly the best. Capabilities of Samsung KNOX