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The author of dozens of hits remembered how she strayed from "Intrusive harassment"

Entertainment 28.06.2018 at 01:10

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Photo: From personal archive

However, the most unexpected, perhaps a gift or surprise fallen on the author glory of the hero of the Caucasian drinking song. The song "Give me a memory," which Simon composed and himself performed back in 1995, some strange manner suddenly became popular in the North Caucasus: in different arrangements, interpretations, designs and even names (e.g. "Smile") she gathered millions of views online. Ee remake by local stars of the first magnitude: Aidamir Mugu known outside his native Dagestan the song "Black eyes", to Rasul Magomedov, who in the North Caucasus has the status of guru to the national stage.

However, the glory songwriter several hypothetical: no-one knows where the author's words, lifts him Hosanna, and the song is considered folk and drinking. However, the authors of the most legendary in the history of pop songs shared exactly the same anonymous fate. Suffice it to recall the "Moscow nights" by composer Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy and poet Mikhail Matusovsky... So the author almost no complaints, except for the issues with royalty, but in Russia it is known, eternal and almost unsolvable problem...

poets under the patronage

But Simon Osiashvili associated with the "MK" long and almost family ties:

— "MK" for me since my student years at the Literary Institute newspaper iconic I always loved to read because it is not really an official position or something. And it made me interested when the post of chief editor has taken (in 1983!) my classmate at the literary Institute Pavel Gusev: I was in the poetry Department, and he is in the Department of criticism.

— seriously? And since then began a merciless criticism of the works of Simon Osiashvili in our newspaper?..

— I can't say that the criticism was merciless. Rather, the "MK" in my direction, not particularly looking. Nevertheless I one way or another with your paper intersect.

I know! After all, you're the author of a host of iconic hits our stage, to which we will return. Besides, a professional poet, i.e. she studied it, unlike some other writers. As a poet and songwriter — different categories and genres, in your opinion?

— In my diploma of graduate of the literary Institute does not say that I am a poet, there is written "literary worker" in the same way as in my first diploma Polytechnic Institute is written in "engineer-mathematician", not a "programmer"... unfortunately, I'm probably a songwriter, but simply as a poet. The poet himself never styled. In the book of my poems and songs, "Mama's eyes" is an essay which chronologically was written before I became a songwriter. From my point of view this is good poetry that I write, unfortunately, do not know, as long as I focused on writing texts that will songs.

, we Should consider the musical component? What, by the way, once said, and Andrey Makarevich...

— Absolutely! I don't even consider it in some special way. Internal tuning fork works in such a way that, like it or not, I have written poems definitely have a chance to become the song. Nevertheless, it is still poetry that is not ashamed to read the eyes, so many lyrics I publish as an independent poetic work, although, again, some poems written in diseny period, it's pure poetry. I have to write not know how.

— once you told me that you geek by vocation, pushed to writing simple case, when you hear someone's poetry...

Is poetry, as I later learned later, Alexander Velichansky, they were a few years after I read them, became famous with the song "music of Vivaldi," and then it was just poetry, published in the story of Benjamin Smekhova. And they changed my life. I was a software engineer, never in my life versification was not keen on...

photo: From personal archive

by Vyacheslav Dobrynin.

— That is the Russian Silicon valley did not take place because Simon Osiashvili read poems of Alexander Velichansky?

— Well, then it would not be a Russian, and Ukrainian Silicon valley because I lived and worked in Lviv, where he was born and raised... these verses changed my life...

— And what the first line came out of your pen?

— I don't remember the first line, composed by me, but I remember that in a few days I kept thinking these poems of Alexander Velichansky, I suddenly found myself muttering already other poems — they do not quite remember, it was long ago, and, probably, they are not worth to remember them, although for me it was important...

— is a Pity that I did not record, now would be a historical artifact...

— not recorded because reacted to this with surprise, even with some hostility, because why would I needed this: I already had a profession, held a life, a home, friends with whom I have for many years since his youth, spoke... And what I?.. But after a few months of endless writing, I suddenly realized that I can't live without it...

— And have moved to the Literary Institute...

— the fact that in the Ukrainian-language Lviv me with my Russian poetry in General was nothing to do.

But it was the Soviet times!

— Well, after all, Lviv was a Ukrainian city is enough — I actually moju razmovlyaty Ukrainian movoyu to dosit Vilna (can speak Ukrainian quite fluently), I have always been friends of the Ukrainians, with whom I am well communicated. I think that if you live in some environment, you should know their language is necessary. Nevertheless, I, like any author, I wanted a large audience, which in Lviv was not. I believed that the only path to great literature is the Literary Institute. Although it turned out that this is not the most simple, easy and, maybe, the right way, but nonetheless I saw. I put your opus into an envelope and sent them to a Literary Institute. Gorky, who was the only one in our, as it turned out, not only reading, but also writing the most country in the world. Was a huge creative competition, but I was lucky, I did...

photo: From personal archive

With Nikolai Baskov.

— That is some megascopically found in Amateur clumsy writing some sparks?

Since this competition had sent his poems to a huge number of people that read them — not to say that the cleaners, but students definitely filtered. And if it seemed even slightly cute, they laid them aside, then I read a more authoritative censors and in the end came to the wizards, who got 15 people to your seminar poetry. And that's the way I got there. Although to overcome those endless filters without protection was impossible — I realized this when the first time has not passed creative competition, and I suggested that we need a recommendation of a reputable poet. And I have their poems sent to Yuri Ozerov was a poet and translator is very good in the Soviet times, it is long gone... I called him when I was in business trip in Moscow, and he told me that just my poems, as he put it, "I have on my machine," and he is going to write the answer. Set up a meeting in the magazine "Youth". And said, "I will now write you a recommendation, you must attach to the poems that will be send to the contest, it will help". And wrote these words, I still remember by heart: "I am acquainted with a fairly large selection of poems of the young poet Simon Osiashvili. I believe that some lines, stanzas and individual poems testify to the undoubted talent of this young man. See the urgency of his education at the Literary Institute". The recommendation I have made to his poetry, when the second time I sent them to the contest, and, you see, she had an effect: my poetry has passed all filters and came to the Master, who scored their own students.

Not managed to get rich, how Antonov

— When the first of your poems turned into a song?

Once I arrived on vacation in your city of Lviv and in the coffee shop talking with a young man, who was a composer, a student at the Conservatory. He stuck to me: let's say, let's write a song. I refused for a long time: what are some songs low the genre, I have high poetry, what are you talking about!.. But he came to me for a long time came on and I realized that it is easier to write something than to explain that you don't want to do that. Wrote, gave and he a few days says: well, come on. And leads me in the Lviv Palace of youth. Look, there sat 500 people audience, the musicians and start to sing the song on my poems — and 500 people listening.

Some group, the musicians of the Lviv... I do not remember the name, but the song I remember: "Moscow Olympics".

— Wonderful topic, very relevant in 80-m to year, on the topic of the day, so to speak. You became opportunistic author?..

— you Know, in a conversation with this composer, his name was Roman, this topic is wirelees: now the Olympics in Moscow — well, write about the Olympics. So I wrote about the Olympics. But for me this song was important because it was my first song and I saw that 500 people from listening to the poems that I wrote, but any creative person want to see his work come as possible to more people. And the poetry... of poems it was difficult to reach out to people. First, it was difficult to publish very. Secondly, the poems-it was not so popular genre — it was not 60 years of stadium poetry, and I realized that I was going to write songs. He returned to Moscow and began to think, what am I to do next. Decided that I need to write songs with the composers, whose songs are widely heard and popular with people.

photo: From personal archive

Michael Shufutinski.

— is Also a practical approach...

— I went to the Union of composers, it took the directory of members of the Union, wrote down their addresses and phone numbers and sent them his opus. Began to call — and they are all from me under one pretext or another refused.

— They too can understand...

— Yes, one said that he now writes that he has sponsors...

— And who are so short-sighted you waved? The names appear... well This is most interesting!

— Dobrynin Sent, sent Minkov, Vladimir Miguli — and now he's the one who said composers. Said, "Come, I found it interesting what you write, get acquainted". Come to him, and he has a huge Desk littered with poetry: he was a very popular composer, has only recently emerged, "grass near the house" famous and him from throughout the Soviet Union were sending their poems by various authors. How is it in this huge thread I fished my opus — I don't know, probably just lucky. I always believe that luck is a big component of success, because people are capable of far more than held... In the end I had written the song "Days go by" on his music. He told me this music gave and said, "Write her poetry." I never wrote "fish" on a finished tune, but I really wanted to, I came home and listened, listened, listened to the music... And wrote the lyrics! This song was played by a young Sofia Rotaru, and she became the all-Union hit.

— And in the morning you woke up famous...

— Well, not really woke up famous... the Thing that got me nobody knew of the editors in the media, and once on the train Moscow—Lviv I heard on the radio that my song, and the announcer declares that a song of Vladimir Miguli on poems by Anatoly Cross — they then collaborated a lot, the Cross was known to the author. I had a shock, of course. I come, we call Migule, he says, like, I don't know, I said to the editors, call myself, to understand, here are the numbers for you.

— the Hour is not easier on the way to fame then...

— Yes, and I began to call, met so many editors on the radio, and it was later useful to me. I once wrote, but Migule something not liked, and I put these poems in an envelope and sent it to David Tukhmanov. He wrote them the song "Old mirror", for which I received my first diploma in "Song of the year". It was then performed by Irina Allegrova, and Katya Semenova. The final "Song of the year" performed Allegrova.

— But you just got like a cat in sour cream: and Rotaru, Irina, and Semenova, who then rattled...

— Quietly met with many, Yes. And Tuhmanova we wrote a couple songs, which was performed by the group "electroclub", where then worked Allegrova: "UFO", "Psychic"... In collaboration with Katya Semenova wrote "And the life I was circling", which would have marked her position in life for many years.

— Untold fees immediately fell on the author of the writing for the top artists?

— Not immediately. It was gradually. But as Yuri Antonov, I did not have time to get rich...

— in Addition to the original that you received from the state, the artists then bought the song as it is now?

— No, back then it was different, on the contrary, each author was interested: just sing to me! Because I knew that I would get more. In the late 80's-early 90's I was getting 2-3 thousand Soviet rubles copyright in a month...

— Fantastic money in those days! Almost half of "Zhiguli"...

— These months were, unfortunately, a little bit in my life, because as soon as he heard my songs, such as "my Dear old", "do Not rash me salt on the wound", "old ladies", "Well", Glyzin "You're no angel", "Winter garden", "Will-nilly"...

photo: From personal archive

With Tamara Gverdtsiteli.

— Hit on the hit!

— Yes, all of this got underway, my name became known, in RAO I reportitem said that I have credited the songs I never wrote, but I've been hearing from different artists. And then suddenly the whole system a good royalties collapsed with the Soviet Union...

— But born on a different system. Do you remember the first song on the "new rules" you have bought for big money?

— the First song I have bought in the Soviet era, which is interesting. It was probably the 88th or 89th year. I was approached by Ilona Bronevitskaya. Says: like, I came up with the chorus of "Dancing on Breakfast, dancing, lunch, dancing on dinner — that's the whole secret!" and I need a song about it. I wrote all the solos. And she paid me my first fee — 400 rubles, I remember. From an artist. Because the song was written to order. I don't even remember why I marked this amount, it was decent.

— Almost 4 average monthly salaries of the Soviet man. And could say, 1000 rubles?

Well, I thought 400 and I called a lot, but I'm not scared of this amount Ilona.

— Clearly, she is still the daughter of Edita...

— She's just really good, decent people. Since then, we have her friendship, she's very good.

— Well, when the first serious money come from? In us dollars...

— Yes, I remember, $ 1,000. It was already some there 90 years... No, at first it wasn't thousands — it was $ 500.

— something you have all revolved around 400-500...

— something Like that happened — I was some kind of, say, a layer of my peers, who also wrote lyrics for the songs. And somehow we are not what we agreed, is not to say that it was a cartel, but once I hear that someone took for the text is 500 dollars — well, I guess I can also not worse to write, and my name is under the text also means something... More than that, when the price is $ 500, has been established between all, I decided: let me try to name the 600 — and did not deter it.

— the bull, however!

And I was worth $ 600. But then there were other, younger colleagues, they were always somehow very hounds guys, and I hear someone already sells for 2000 texts.

the world of art, and some jungle of lucre and profit...

— Well, not angry... after a while there are some trendy producers that are their songs, that is, of a phonogram "turnkey", have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. There are several such names, they must now also appear, but it seemed to me that it is impossible to include such amounts...

Secret layers Pugacheva

— Humble! And you had the value of musical direction, the genre in which sound artist, asks if you have a song?

Well, of course, the rap I did not write exactly, I do not think this song — maybe it's my old man's already grumbling, but I don't consider it a song. I think the test of time, not talking about the genre, individual works just will not work. If the songs that were written by many different authors, my peers, a little older or younger, including me, 20 or 30 years ago, still exist today at the hearing, the people they know, remember, and they bring me still more fees, then I am sure that many of the songs that are created today, will not survive the time of their rotation. I can't even imagine what songs of today will live in 10, 15, 20 years...

— did you have your own preferences in terms of those same artists?

— can't say. But I can boast that I was very right some moments for the performer... Say, Alex Glyzin. When he left the Merry men, then it was a question of repertoire — he went along with the composer Viktor Chaika to me. And I thought that it is necessary for him to write something not in the way that he was in the "Fun guys", where he was a lyric-play guy, playing the fool.

He has a wonderful voice, good looks — it has to be lyric-dramatic character. That's what I've found, and the texts were written, which correctly coincided with his organic matter, and therefore these songs was a success. He's a great performer, everything clicked in his organic, and the songs came out that are alive still are the main songs of his repertoire, although it was written almost 30 years ago.

photo: From personal archive

With Philip Kirkorov.

You've fallen in love. And I remember when I started Russian rock, there Russian rock poetry, the same Makarevich and others, master of Soviet music Leonid Utesov also said that this is not music, not poetry. And to heap more and Pugachev cursed...

— I told you that in my estimation might have something like an old man... But I can explain why! From my point of view, these songs do not reflect some kind of archetypal basis of Russia or even the Russian perception of songs warmth. Without it, I think this song can't survive here... But in contemporary music there are other examples. Here I recently like this kind of by Alekseev, like the songs he sings. Song still of the synthetic genre that I don't share music and poems, I like what he's doing. The younger generation has performers who can convey to the listener the songs that I like, though I have, say, an elderly listener.

— Apart from the fact that you are an old listener, you continue to create?

— is, unfortunately, not as active and not even because a new generation of artists for whom I in any case, let's just say, daddy age — what would I do to them or suggested they do so are... a Priori considered not his. No, I no not say so, but I think the way it is. I just remember myself young, when for me the opinion of a man two or three times my age seemed wrong... I guess with age and some potential fades away. To grow old at all joyless, because everything dies, including this one. I used all the time something wrote, some poems, texts, and now I want to know why I do it. Not even in the sense that there is any specific order, will I get a fee, although it is a good engine and stimulus. In the end, the whole world music and the world of art was established in order, starting with the Renaissance, and if some of Dukes, kings or popes didn't order to paint the chapel...

— and was not born to be high art?

— there would be No Raphael, no Michelangelo, no Italian operas... So nothing wrong with custom work there, because the man works as God gave him the ability, and if the work is commissioned, paid for, then he must make.

— In your creative evening in the Kremlin was the first bright stars. One of them you keep on a special shelf in your Luggage?

— I love them all! Alex Glyzin, which I mentioned earlier, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Philip, who performed very well last time with Alexander Dobronravov, the song "In heaven", so he is in it is organic, and this song became noticeable, got all the awards in 2017.

— And the main singer of all time?

— I wrote for Alla Pugacheva two songs, one of them — "Dandelion" — Sasha Lukyanov. In the verses I compared love to a dandelion, which is under the life winds around, gets trimmed at zero. And when she had a concert in the Kremlin Palace ("Dreams of love" in 2009), were made in the video — there are recruits who clipped at zero, as the dandelions were. This layer, which I did not even imply, writing the lyrics, she saw there, and it so touched all, it's really nice... this works, too, was the diploma of "Song of the year". Second song — "Leave" — I wrote with Igor Krutoy. I know that Alla Borisovna takes songs, and they sometimes for years at her without moving. Of course, the authors are hesitant somewhere with these songs to twitch, but those she released in a few months, which is nice. So, like...

— recently, we rarely hear at all, such a definition as "songwriter", music became an industrial product production project... whether song poetry of the future outside the framework of the industrial-technological metproizvodstva?

— Now, unfortunately, who not only writes the lyrics for the songs. Earlier all was not so — was different, of course, the texts, their quality, but the overall impression was not so depressing as it is now. At least they were literate, this is followed by the artistic Council. Now for the correct accents are generally no one is watching. Of course, now a huge amount of song material goes on the market, which did not exist, this is definitely a lot of positives, but obvious and visible costs. And the role of the songwriter, I think, decreases. Will be less, I would say "liberated"-songwriters for whom writing is the only occupation. I, too, have for many years not only the writer of lyrics for songs, and even singer-songwriter — maybe in part because my main profession in the song, the writing becomes less popular, and I realize in a different way too.

Well, you're not the only author who dabbles in performance art... I Wish that this anniversary was only a comma on your vast creative way!