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Sergey Shargunov: "the Starter gave me a family"

Entertainment 30.06.2018 at 01:10

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Photo: instagram@shargunov

His "kata" is a sincere love narrative o the whole era of the literary giants, whose lives were not as prosperous as the novelist Kataev. With admiration Shargunov raises for readers in the world of personal passions of the famous novelist. And this fire of feelings imparts to his works a great success among readers.

today's reading public is certainly more interesting talent of our contemporaries, inventor, boldly thinking about the world.

the Debut on the cover of the book "THEIR" temperamental scale BALL-GUNA. What a powerful game hint at the significance! He is the ball of the Huns, the ancient conquerors of space. The world has long forgotten them, and Shargunov has become the conqueror of its own success. For him the time has come to international fame.

Paris, Paris...

— Sergey, your award success ended a personal part in the Paris book fair. There is something glad your soul?

— Paris book the triumph — for me a huge event. Many participants, both young and famous. Stunned good news: my "Book without pictures" is already translated into French. And its first French readers have come to meet the author. Translated and my other book "1993".

French reader on this book the celebration was not up to your "Kataev", far more interesting of the young, lively, warm, sociable Moscow author Sergei Shargunov.

In Paris pleased me alive curiosity to the Russian authors. And to me, queues to sign my book. I spoke in the library at the University.

— the French Have not lost the old interest in the book — publishing work of art?

— I was surprised and delighted mood of the public: Europe is again becoming fashionable paper book. In France, in every even small town, there are libraries and bookstores. In my opinion, very happily, if the books surround your house since childhood.

— For the curious person, even the rustling of the pages has something magical.

— And I'm interested in everything that has absorbed the book even prints the pan on it that had dried long blades of grass on the pages. And even more interesting some notes readers. To me it has a special magic. Now the attention to the Russian literature is huge. I brought to Paris the new book "YOUR". I was pleased with the intention to translate it into French. I recently signed a contract for this translation. In France, there was a curious book about modern Russian writers, the "Young and crazy". Do not consider myself neither young, nor mad. But there I devoted a Chapter on my life. Author — Monica Slodzian.

Shargunov book very entertaining, a breath of acuteness of observation, temperament, and sincerity of ripening generalizations from somewhere, almost from the heavens, enters the fast-growing text of the judgment, as if flying down from heaven: "Life is filled, and you're sighted".

the Spiritual roots of the writer

— you, Sergey, is the remark attributed impossible. Your lyric hero, very similar to you, gifted with inner vision. Obviously, this quality you have bestowed your father, the identity of deep thinking.

the father is the preacher, he finds the words to the heart of every parishioner. Forty years of my pastoral priestly Ministry, father Alexander takes confession, desperation, pleas come to the temple.

maybe I have to recall early, and mystical endowments of the father. When the front killed his father, my grandfather, he baby played on the floor in the hut during the war and suddenly burst into tears, shouted: "kill Folder, the folder killed!"

...He graduated from the Institute of foreign languages with honors. Was the translator. And before he was expelled from Sverdlovsk University and journalism for a poem in which divined some special policy. Dad even managed to attend a Literary institution. Was friends with Cicatricial.

— He had already been married?

— He married at age 24, he and my mom are the same age, a year later, he believed and was baptized...

Our family, I feel it gave me a special starter culture in relation to others, and to all people. I admit, not for bragging rights, since childhood I laid internal responsibility, and it haunts me.

— In dealing with peers, probably, you were accompanied by a certain wariness classmates — "Popovich"?

— Yes, I was different from others. I have a story, "Popovich". Children from a family significantly empathy to another. That is why in my daily work I try to help other people.

This is an inherited feature in the character Shargunov evokes in the reader the credibility of his works. The book "THEIR" reading with the expectation of a new revelation of the writer. Many of his judgments carry a witchcraft: the everyday, hourly, he or she can present subtly, imaginatively, brilliantly.

— Your story about your own experience predissertation full of internal tension and drama. You anticipate possible chicanery on the part of your guards. Me a demanding reader, and your soul mate, sometimes lacking in your text sharp journalism. In the name of what you, a talented writer, rushed to Parliament? Don't ruin this fight writer their talent?

— In a literary text I do not seek to include his political Declaration. In all public Affairs matters to me more than justice. Being in the State Duma, I always strive to do the right thing. Probably, for this reason, at twenty-seven I got kicked out from the election. And yet, years later, I got there by being yourself and not losing independence. I am convinced that being a normal person, there's not a whore, not to lose face. Trying to help real people. Happy that has helped many people.

— Is governing minds guess not actively attacking the degradation of the country?

— All such is done according to the principle: after us the deluge. I'd like to call to the rescue of the soul of Gogol and Shchedrin. Fortunately, the literature we have not yet lost your reader. Where the writers went — everywhere people gather. They wait from them for something prophetic. In their souls grows troubling question: "What are we waiting for?" In addition to oil and gas, Russia is still literature. Every year we have five to seven good books.

— Shargunov, gambling and the modern writer is probably already brewing a new plan?

— Cook book of conversations with contemporary classics. I was lucky enough to chat with Iskander, Yevtushenko, with Rasputin, with Bondarev, Mamleeva... And written a new novel.

With his wife. Photo: instagram@shargunov

Of the beloved van and about the second wife

— Beautiful your ideas and books are good. And I now brought the joy back to your thin engagement ring on your finger. Introduce us to your new darling.

First to share your precious joy — I have a son Vanya from his first marriage with Anna Kozlova. We met her at the University. I'm a graduate with a diploma, and she is a student of the faculty of journalism. Well, we have kept good relationship and after separation. Her obvious talent, acuteness and sharpness of mind.

Although we separated, I try almost every day to see my son Vanya. He was for 12 years.

— What are your creative inclinations discovers a son?

— Vanya — Scrabble. Passionately interested in history and constantly pulls at me to my knowledge. Excitedly perceives the passion of Palace coups. Tests on the theme of Ancient Russia, Russian Empire, Soviet Union...

— Hatch whether his interest in creativity?

— in six years, Ivan has written on the cover: "Notebook for stories poet Ivan Shargunov". Vanin and the first opus was called "the Night ujasov". I am encouraged by his lively and inquiring mind. Very lively boy. Sport he enjoys and loves football. Already the goalkeeper is excellent.

— Amazing: a successful writer and member of Parliament intermarried with the heiress of the great Lion...

— I love Nastya. In joyful amazement of my soul spilled out the story "You're mine". We met her at Yasnaya Polyana. There was a record of "War and peace" for the channel "Culture". One of the readers of Tolstoy was me. In the lower room sat a beautiful girl inexplicable and cut the lemon pie. I felt in it a kind of Golden glow. I confess: Anastasia I liked it from the first sight.

All we, today, are chained to the Internet. The house began to quietly find out if she is not present in the Network and how it there to find. I found her through Facebook. And I got her a light slap in the face: "How similar, banal contemporary suitors!" Nevertheless, we began to write. And after some time met... got Married a year later. And went to the Bank of the don, honeymoon — fishing and cruising on the boat...

— have You acquainted her with your first wife Anna?

They met themselves at the birthday party of the writer Snegireva. And I am happy: Nastya became a friend of my son. When my van go to somewhere on the invitation, he asked: will Nastya? He loved to communicate with her. So, we all have a great relationship.

In movement there is life

— Sergey, what do you do to save a little longer and his sense of manhood and to increase their stamina and fighting ability?

— Tend to move more. In the Duma try not to use the Elevator going to my room on the seventh floor of the stairs, sometimes even several times a day. But at home I have a treadmill.

— you Have a huge apartment?

the extra— Ordinary. Track stands modestly in a corner. But I like to walk the streets, to get out into nature...

In recent years, our literary life have you able to find books worthy of your presence enrich our classics in his deep comprehension of the personality of modern man, or historical person?

— I can Not judge about the achievements of their contemporaries. Tell about your intention: internally preparing to write a book that would become the book of my life. Even award-winning books lacks fresh colors and heartfelt attention to the characters and to the life of time itself. Literature is language. Unfortunately, even in the good books time crawls, not recorded by the writer. The time is flying. How to grab, to ride his bloodstream to keep the literary vitality? That is the problem.

— Our classics were able to convey the spirit of the time. Remember, they have been the heroes, whom they had never met. The life-giving talent is itself spiritualized new characters. It is a sign of unfathomable chelovechestva.

Is true. But you will agree, literature is still growing: "if only you knew from what rubbish/verses grow, without knowing shame..." Accumulate views, impressions, much domyslivat. Literary talent is largely mysterious. It allows you to capture characters and to convey their viability.

— Your new obligations have dramatically changed your lifestyle. But gifted man in the ring conflicts in life ripens and appears before the perception of others.

— my life is all important. And growing up in a family of a priest, and trips to "hot spots", and a huge number of meetings with people — all of this fills me, and then, Preobrazhenka, and my prose. Modern prose is not enough ink. Literature is first and foremost a language, the connection of the visual and narrative, that's still not fixed. How to catch and bind in the work, the character with the time that gave birth? How to ride the flow? Literature for me Supreme pleasure.

The closest

— About your noble parents, I learned from your new book "OWN." I want to hear from you about their health.

— I pray for them. My dad continues to serve in the Church. Itself does not spare, but for him it is the business of life. Besides, he teaches at the Seminary. Writes sermons. And can not help it.

— When reading the sermons of father you feel the stylistic features of these works? Because these prayers are rhythmic and sharp sound.

— Father young gifted sense of the verse. Writing poetry is easy and inspired. But now his wisdom and a poetic sense of the word, he embodies the religious texts. His sermons are very poetic. And this largely influenced me. Feel very good influence of my parents on me, my emotions and thoughts. Dad's perfect little poems, which have already sprouted-grain of mystery, and wonderful translations of Cummings, Keats and other poets... I wrote a big story about Zamoskvorechye, where mysteriously crossed the line of the fate of my parents. My mother was born in the literary family, lived in a writers ' house in Lavrushinsky lane, and dad spent his whole life on the Big Ordynka. It is a mysterious space where I feel involved in this happiness.

— the Ancestors of your mother, too, left their mark on the culture?

— the Brother of my grandmother, writer Valeria Gerasimova, Director Sergei Gerasimov, and still have in the family the amazing Vladimir Rusanov, the Arctic traveller. My main principle — to answer for themselves. To live your destiny.

— his Wife Anastasia — great-great-granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy?

— She is a philologist, doctor of Sciences, specialist in Russian prose and especially Nabokov. Nastya is my first reader, picky and sensitive.

In a new book Shargunov "THEIR" forever settled the joy of realized hopes for a happy family. The most precious impression on me the story of Sergei Shargunov "My father." Each stage of the ascent of the father to his wise divine service to God calms and fills the reader's heart with joy that there is such a spiritual man on earth.

the Final stanza of the philosophical poems of father Alexander Shargunov inspired by a poignant sense of my own human fraction:

And where the stars above me

Flies my shadow in confusion.

And because the liberation.