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"The magic of flamenco". Famous dancers from Spain, performed in "Astana Ballet"

Entertainment 01.07.2018 at 01:10

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The Fourth day of the II International festival of ballet art Eurasian Dance Festival introduced the audience with the famous team from Madrid Castro Romero Flamenco.

One of the important tasks of the festival is to acquaint the audience with the culture of different countries. As you know, soul of a people is best manifested in the dance. And flamenco has become a symbol of Spain, it is Firmenny sign. Represented the art at the theater "Astana Ballet" team Castro Romero Flamenco, the founders and leaders of which are the sister and two brothers Castro Romero Rosario, Ricardo and Jose.

There are two stylistically and musically different from each other class of flamenco, ancient, high – called cante Hondo and modern, lightweight – cante Chico. Within both classes of flamenco, there are more than 50 genres, the exact boundary between them is sometimes difficult to make. Therefore, to master the secrets of flamenco is not easy.

Flexible hands and case, and tense, strong legs, drumming their heels in the floor, a moment of stillness, a sharp turn — that's the magic of flamenco.

Ricardo Castro Romero said that Astana was visited only six dancers, this is due to the program, but the team a lot more. "In addition, we brought our sound engineer — for flamenco sound quality is very important, because music and singing, and dancing are the main components, the musicians play and sing "live", each time improvising. As we show still show very important and this part must also meet our specialist. In the theater "Astana Ballet", where we are, excellent technical equipment and highly professional, very responsive staff. Preparations for the play was at the highest level! In scenic design shop floor theater, we even made a special table on which I am to perform her solo," he says.

"Flamenco — that's a dance genre, which age is not easy to face. Best flamenco dancers are able to do exactly what "biography" to 40, 50 years, when personal hardships, apparently, develop into artistic weight," confirms this statement of the St. Petersburg dance critic Julia Yakovleva, not once met with the works of Romero Castro.

And with this we can fully agree, looking at the mesmerizing solo, knocks on the table roll, gray Ricardo; or flexible hands and turning Rosarii profile Jose, which is even embarrassing to ask about age. And involuntarily a thought – how beautiful were the dancers in the Prime of life forces, when the body is flexible and responsive to every impulse of the soul? And maybe at the perfect time their dance was not as filled with meaning? And maybe not need to compare, because in every age the artist fills the other flamenco duende? According to experts of flamenco: "Only one duende can not — to repeat. Duende is not repeated, as the appearance of the stormy sea".

And Ricardo Castro Romero said it more simply: flamenco is a lifestyle choice.