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Update courses on JavaScript


In the interactive courses in JavaScript has undergone great changes:

Reworked all the tasks and added new ones. Added videorubber test, if you have questions or want to see the reference solution. Came the call of a special test for those who want more practice. Became available the notes after each course to easily return to the theory at any moment.

Courses are available by subscription for 390 rubles a month!

Want to get a subscription as a gift from the instructor of the Cake? Write with his own hand a short story about why you want to start writing JavaScript. Take a picture of the letter and put it into instagram (or another social network), mark us with the hashtag #htmlacademy

And on 2 July Cupcake read all your emails and will give everyone a month subscription to interactive courses and someone even a year. Participate in a win-win contest!