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To root or not to root?

Make Russia warm again! 02.07.2018 at 17:17

Make Russia warm again! -

Curiously watching how the leaders of our opposition defend ourselves from the attacks of "true patriots" in the comments. All due to the fact that the opposition allowed himself to be happy for the Russian team. Volkov, Navalny, Yashin, someone else...

Now they have to make excuses, because their supporters to enjoy them banned. The argument, briefly, is this: "Rejoice in the victories of the Russian team – so I support Putin!"

first, it is necessary to say that the same Bulk simply can't afford NOT to be happy for the Russian team. He is a politician, and even if he doesn't like football, he has to pretend that he loves watching the team since childhood, and in General personally told Cherchesova tactical scheme for the match against Spain. Otherwise, the effect will be as if the Bulk in the whole of Russia declared that the Crimea "is not our" – it is stupid to lose half the supporters.

secondly, I would like to support your voice in a discordant chorus of excuses.

Please don't confuse sports and politics, Russia and Putinism, country and state.

Yes, perhaps the government is using the world Cup to achieve some of their goals. But why should it bother you to be happy for the Russian players, who for the first time in history reached the quarter-finals?

is the government, through the hum of the crowd to drown out the noise around the increase in VAT and the retirement age? Unlikely. About pensions was discussed a few years ago, about the fact that Russia will host the 2018 world Cup, it became known even earlier. Most likely, the championship – usual fashion course. And if after the world Cup in Russia will continue to drive foreign tourists, you will need to admit it was good.

now is a celebration, it's a brace, not artificial, but real. To scream that the fans of the national team of Russia – by default, a supporter of the regime, at least silly. Rooting for the national team of taskbar (view on the beautiful Croatians, Argentines, Swedes in the stands!). To walk the streets with the flag of Russia – not taskbar. Smiling and hugging – not taskbar. Rejoice, until there is a reason!

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