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Working meeting with acting Governor of Primorsky Krai Andrey Tarasenko

Acting Governor of Primorsky Krai Andrey Tarasenko has informed the head of state about the priorities of socio-economic development of the region.

Vladimir Putin: Andrey, comprehensive assessment of socio-economic development of Primorsky Krai as a whole is kept at a satisfactory level. Was a small drop in somewhere in 2013 and then steady growth. Let's talk about it: about what You feel your priorities are. Private industry, and a key for the edges are not other people, well versed in this. Please.

A. Tarasenko Vladimir Vladimirovich, most importantly, of course, is to raise the solvency of the population, like You said, what we are doing. Because today my task is to raise the production that has been lost, and not lose what you already have.

So the most important is the ports, which we update and develop, and move forward, driven to standards in order to at least see the backlog, which is produced by the that it was the same for all, but not so much that one pays 3 rubles, while the other pays... I checked: for the transshipment of tons of coal from one 45 I get and the other get of 0.17. Ask: "Why? Necessary to bring down the coal to all equally worth it." But because one takes pays $ 9 open and 9 – for some services. As a result I have these nine leave. Now it is bring into line, make all of the same work.

Agriculture today, we also develop, because it is the Foundation that is needed today. Of course, we need partners to agree on implementation of meat [production] plant, which can in China to go to South Korea and so on. Because the conditions are very good, original. I figure the best in the world, the exhibition won, because it's 63 percent protein. This rice anywhere in the world, as we have grown, the good: the tropics – they give such an interesting and beautiful result.

With the fish, of course, also tidying up, but the trouble full. In 2004 was distribution, were all in the same frame set. Today is the resale of [quota]. I live by the sea, and I have the fish goes. Goes, because there are rich, buy up [the quotas], and the result: I have fish don't be, because all will be either in Moscow or in the North. It turns out, I'm losing this trade.

Now more and crabs the same thing happens. Today, along the coast all have a little crab there is, and it turns out that it contains the towns. Now saying that we should give 50 percent.

Vladimir Putin: Fifty percent of what?

A. Tarasenko: From quotas that were distributed. But the coal miners or oil workers don't give their Deposit when it comes a new team – continue to develop. It is necessary to raise, for example, a tax to raise the cost. I agree that it is necessary to do today but pick up and give to a new auction – not. They have developed the whole system, created, made.

I will do the bare economy, that is soon the crab will not, because in the villages today there is no such money that you can go out and buy the auction [of quotas]. At the time, in 2004, well made, distributed, and now is such a redistribution. To lose it all [this income].

Sometimes come to the village, there is a kindergarten and so on. And I don't have 50 percent of doctors, 50 percent of teachers. For their [young professionals] I've done such a good market that they go to work, come back in Primorsky Krai, not leaving. But we don't have: 75 people produced, but 1500 is not enough. So, I'm talking now with the Government, to me at least in all the universities and institutes were given the quota for Primorsky Krai in the budget to come and learn.

And orphans – the most important thing, of course, is the problem with the orphans: 7 thousand people we have. We found a good diagram, I would like to ask You [support question].

Vladimir Putin: Let's talk about it in detail.