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Implementation of paper by individuals exempted from personal income tax

Legal advice 05.07.2018 at 10:28

Legal advice

1 January 2019 revenues from sales of waste paper generated at the

individuals in the home and owned by them by right of ownership,

exempt from personal income tax. An amendment made to article 217 of the Tax code.

Lawmakers hope that the introduction of this norm will lead to an increase

the collection of recycled paper and cardboard, as citizens will not

fear of tax consequences (Federal law of 3 July 2018 n

179-FZ "About modification of article 217 of the Tax

code of the Russian Federation").

Note that, in practice, and now

personal income tax on the value of the delivered waste by individuals is not paid.

the Main part of the individuals involved in the procurement of waste paper,

do not declare their income because of the difficulty of filling of the Declaration

3-NDFL, and also the lack of the tax authorities information about such income.

But even if individuals and declare your income from sales

recyclables, the payment of personal income tax, it is still not threatened because there is always

option to use the tax deduction (up to 250 thousand.

per year).