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Payment for work on a day off include compensatory and incentive payments

Legal advice 05.07.2018 at 10:43

Legal advice


court of the Russian Federation has considered the complaint of the workers organizations

the Russian defense Ministry on the procedure for payment of work on weekends and public holidays,

used in the framework of the Agency (Decision of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation from June 28,

, 2018 No. 26-P).

the Applicants have engaged in the weekend and

public holidays in excess of the monthly norm of working time.

Extra days of leisure for such work is not provided. [Newline], guided by the norms of institutional order, weekends and

holidays are paid double salary given far Eastern allowance and

the regional factor, but excluding all other allowances and bonuses.

So the sum in terms of working hours – Sunday

has been much cheaper everyday.

to Prove the validity of the

their claims workers are only in the CC. So, the judges pointed out that

under the specific remuneration system

compensatory and stimulating payments are charged to the employee's salary and

are an integral part of his remuneration and, accordingly, should

be considered in determining the salary in weekends and non-working holidays