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6-pit: how to reflect the average earnings, to be paid after retirement

Question - answer - Legal advice 04.07.2018 at 18:32

Question - answer - Legal advice

A variety of reasons the institution can be decided on the calculation

award to the employee after his dismissal. In such situations,

forget to recalculate the average earnings and pay the difference. [Newline] the opinion of the tax authorities, the date of actual receipt of the income in the form of payments to

average earnings will be the date of dismissal, not the last day of the month

(letter FNS of Russia from 8 June 2018, the number of BS-4-11/11115@).


the Worker

resigned may 23. The institution has underpaid him, the average earnings for

a business trip on June 13 and transferred personal income tax to the budget on June 14.

In section 2 of calculation 6-personal income tax for the half year it is necessary to specify:

line 100 – may 23, 2018;

line 110 – 13 June 2018;

the line 120 – 14 Jun 2018