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What does the status of Moscow doctor

Question - answer - Legal advice 05.07.2018 at 05:20

Question - answer - Legal advice

The status can get a doctor with a degree, their work experience

must be at least five years. Applicants can go for free and

voluntarily benchmark tests. The status of "Moscow doctor" there are five

years, then it must confirm again. Its owners

paid monthly allowance of 15 thousand rubles.


the number of doctors who have successfully passed a challenging evaluation procedures,

reached 332 people, - said the head of the Department of health

Moscow Alexey Khripun. - The vast majority of our colleagues, past

testing has demonstrated a really high level of knowledge

the theory and proficiency in practical skills: of the 96 physicians who became

"Moscow physicians" in the June 20 received the maximum number


"Moscow physicians" can be a doctor working under such

specialties as "therapy", "surgery", "traumatology",

"anesthesiology and reanimatology", "neuroscience", "endocrinology",

"Pediatrics", "General medical practice", "radiology",

"cardiology", "obstetrics and gynecology", "urology",

"otorhinolaryngology", "dermatology", "psychiatry", "fast

medical care." According to A. Khripun, the list of specialties for

receive status will expand.