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Vladimir Beznosov is a mountain tourist, the head of the traverse peaks: Patriot – Russia – Communism in 1973.

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Vladimir Beznosov (03.03.1945 – 02/02/2010). (A photo from archive of V. Beznosova)

When I started looking for information about the tourists who went to the mountains prior to 1990, we saw the publication of Andrei Lebedev, "Travers Patriot – Russia – Communism 1973, who knows about this?" as of 19.10.2010 ( It tells about an unprecedented for those times the traverse of the three peaks mentioned Tomsk students. Reading the comments to the post, I wanted to know more about this traverse and its leader – Vladimir Beznosov, as there were many contradictions in the description and the figure head looked odious.

Women give birth in 9 months, the African elephant for 22, it took me almost 3 years to give birth to this post. I have something similar on the Alpine black Salamander of the order of tailed amphibians, of which the pregnancy can last more than 3 years (had no idea who my distant ancestors!) Was not developed puzzles, because in his campaigns there have been several incidents. And recently found out that in one of these episodes was attended by Boris Abramov (Aibolit) and the puzzles formed. But about all under the order.