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7 ways to hide extra weight in the photo

Wedding and family photographer 02.07.2018 at 21:40

Michael noses

How to hide all the unnecessary and emphasize the best?

the Secrets used by models plus-size bed with a world name.

don't keep your arms close to the body, so they will look thinner. To make the pose look natural, just move the hand to the side and gently put on the thigh.



Figure slender thighs – the coveted space between them. His absence is easily remedied. Straighten your legs slightly and lean forward, taking his ass back.

If you want to make legs look longer, rise a little on tiptoes and expand the socks to each other.

Double chin

One of the most common problems. Moreover, it is relevant not only for owners of magnificent forms, but for skinny models. To make the face slender, a little feed head forward. The middle of the press language to the sky, and You can forget about the second chin.

Keep the shoulders did not rise to the ears. Follow the movement of the shoulder like dropping the coat back down.


the Beauty of the figure in correct proportions. To achieve them, hold the body weight on one leg, free expand hip to the side – and now You are the owner of beautiful slim waist.


Now at the height of fashion – expressive priests. To give the shapes the desired amount in the right places, stand sideways, sticking out his tush. The deflection in the lower back will increase the contrast with the waist and create a dramatic hourglass silhouette.


If the frame You have chosen the angle in the back and want to hide creases on the back, then just move the shoulder forward and the maximum straighten your back.


to Make the stomach smaller to help correct posture: straighten your torso, turning it slightly to the side and slightly extend your legs.

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