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Yegor been booked looking for witnesses of road accident in Tuapse

KVN for ALL 30.06.2018 at 22:49

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On June 25 there was a terrible tragedy in the family of the Irkutsk-witted and author Yegor been booked. While on vacation in Tuapse, his family went for a walk. At one of the intersections on spouse Yegor was done hitting the car, it died on the spot.

it is reported that driving the car was a well-known businessman in the city. Journalists and social media users have expressed a concern that he can avoid punishment.

According to media reports, the businessman Sergey Lebedev is co-owner of local advertising Agency "Face". SUV advertiser well known to the residents of the resort town, according to them, his driver systematically violate traffic rules, cut off other motorists and speeding. According to users in social networks who were at the scene of the accident, the traffic police inspectors told them that Lebedev "were heard, the faint smell of fumes". However, later on a place of road accident there was a local "solved", a Eduard Martynov. Users claim that the man everyone calls "squire" and he has connections to the traffic police and the local hospital.

it is Noteworthy that for some reason a criminal case against Lebedev is still not initiated. According to local media, the businessman went to the neurological Department of the local hospital in the day of the terrible accident. And been booked together with a child left in Tuapse to wait for forensic results.

29 Jun Yegor been booked recorded a video message asking for help in finding witnesses to the accident, as well as those who may have seen the culprit the night before or in the morning:

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