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Metal as soft as fabric, in Kazakhstan dropped a huge UFO

NEWS PLANET 06.07.2018 at 18:19

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The Inhabitants of the village of Karasu, which is located in the West Kazakhstan region of the state, watched the amazing spectacle in the night sky namely falling luminous object.

Eyewitnesses filmed the spectacle on camera. Soon after the incident, enthusiasts went in search of the object and, to great surprise, found him in the desert. Glowing UFO was the cause of a fire (ignited dry vegetation), so I had to call the fire Department.

the dimensions of the object was quite impressive: three by three meters. Edge an unidentified object was melted. The stories of law enforcement bodies, the design of the UFO resembles a ball welded shut. It is noteworthy that the UFO material does not like a metal: it is soft like fabric.

Near the main object were found the ball less. Specialists in the Protocol specified, around the UFO observed the difficulty with getting a mobile signal. Now to the wreck attracts curious citizens, ufologists and scientists.