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Paper comics. "Suicide squad" Rob Williams: "the Black sphere" The article 03.07.2018 at 19:44

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A Team of supervillains, "the secret rapid response unit", making "what America is officially not allowed", sent on a mission ... to Russia. Finally!..

- the Russians are coming!

- I Never thought, it would die like this. Russian battalion on the one hand, crazed kryptonian.

Amanda Waller defends the Supergroup the X in front of the President of the United States, somewhat similar to Barack Obama and not knowing, it turns out, until recently that under his nose, there is a "costumed squad of criminals - thieves, murderers and worse who, is active worldwide in the interests of the United States."

"With the Suicide Squad's over," trying to be strict and honest President, but Waller not only convinces him otherwise, but and pushes on the role of leader of a group of Colonel Rick Flag, who is "always on the side of the good guys", even while sitting in Guantanamo.

the Ideals of a place on the banners, in museums or in the movies. And we live in the real world. And the reality is disgusting. {...} This world is sick. He is buried in the mud. You can not, do not dirty your hands, to protect American citizens from doing something they shouldn't know. What shouldn't the Justice League. And even you.

Turn the graphic novel "the Suicide Squad. Book 1: the Black sphere"

Having represented the Colonel's "moral compass," "immoral bastards" and "moral monsters" - Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain boomerang, Killer CROC and a freelance artist June moon (the enchantress) - go on another suicide mission - and not aby where, and ... in Russia!

the Squad, the hackers, the NSA got a secret on a "space object", which seems to have fallen somewhere in the distant f%^$, and in cold and snowy Siberia. {...} Russian separatists consider it carefully protected underwater prison, located in the Laptev sea.

of Course, "it is impossible that a space object was left in the hands of our enemies", especially since there are fears that it is "a weapon that could change the balance of power". "Hello, boys! We have not come with peace!"

Turn the graphic novel "the Suicide Squad. Book 1: the Black sphere" There must, of course, to note how fantastic the lads presented in this book, our compatriots!!! Incredible prison that are "incompatible with human life"! "Fucking feisty Russian robocolumn"! "They have more weapons than in Texas!" - Harley Quinn is horrified, frightened want to escape, but quickly encounter the shocking obstacle ("I heroically ran to check out!" - it is justified). "Bozhe moi," the groans clown around; not happy and Deadshot: "Russian metalogy! Damn..." And Yes, stewards of this secret area are members of the "team Annihilation": Metronaut, Tankograd, Tunguska Gulag. "Tunguska! Intruders split into atoms!" - ".- And-and-them fun, Gulag!"

- Undersea prison-collecting "space objects" and supervillains. Like...

- the Suicide Squad. Russian version.

- {...} as far As I know, Putin and company do not possess such technology. To whom can we then broke?

a Fragment of an illustration from the graphic novel "the Suicide Squad. Book 1: the Black sphere"

the Basic story - as it already happened before - here supplemented by the "personal Affairs". Among other things, we learn that Deadshot took one order for Bruce Wayne (requested ten million), Captain boomerang was an agent of the Australian secret service ("I had official permission to kick ass for a cause!"), a katana, "martial arts Olympics" ("the right hand of the Flag"), was once ready to forsake everything for the man she loved and the kids...

the prologue is the same - running back back - offers situation, the result of which might be that "pearl Harbor seem to us sesame street."

the Scoundrels and scum to the rescue of America are ready.

Turn the graphic novel "the Suicide Squad. Book 1: the Black sphere"

to be honest, the plot in "Black sphere" - if not to take into account our pleasant Patriotic feelings - not the most outstanding; the normal plot - and no more. But his incarnation (and here it must be said that one of the artists books made by the outstanding master Jim Lee), it gives rise to the desire to revise known and, as is commonly believed, is not quite the movie. Well, no, when you see really good on paper, Willy-nilly in the head sneaks a thought: maybe you film wrong looked in some bad mood?.. Maybe it makes sense now to re-evaluate, albeit small, but still of some historical period?..

And I think the book is a compliment - the more that total with ribbon David air (in addition to, needless to say, the characters) she is not so much. In this respect, that Rob Williams is making even more than previous Russian editions of the "Suicide Squad": it returns hope and faith in something more.

Oh and an extensive gallery of alternate covers, where Harley Quinn appears and shines in all variants, that feeling only intensifies.

the Cover of the graphic novel "the Suicide Squad. Book 1: the Black sphere"

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