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Phuket will be "smart beaches" 05.07.2018 at 10:02


5 July 2018, 13:02, -

the Government of Phuket have taken steps to improve security in the tourist areas of the resort, introducing the concept of "smart beaches". The waters off the coast of this Thai island is famous for its dangerous reverse currents, the localization of which is constantly changing. The new technology, which will apply this year on Phuket's beaches, will allow you to create a safe swim zone and to keep track of every vacationer who left them and risk their lives.

One of the measures to ensure security on the sand and on the water will use more cameras, through which rescuers will be able to watch the beaches from their smartphones. Test the video surveillance system installed at Patong beach. Surveillance cameras recorded, in addition, cameras equipped with night vision.

If one of the swimmers is outside the safe zone or the boat entered the bathing area, the system will issue a warning to the rescuers who will react to the situation, write "news of Thailand".


"news of Thailand" Phuket is promoting the project "Smart beach"

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