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American on pure Kazakh sang on the main stage of Astana

Entertainment 03.07.2018 at 01:10

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On 2 July in the theatre "Astana Opera" held the world premiere of solemn odes to "SHINE ASTANA" the world-famous British composer Karl Jenkins. The premiere was a sell-out and made an enormous impression on listeners.

Goers enjoyed the music that was flowing from the stage performed by thousands of musicians led by the outstanding Maestro Alan by Buribaeva.

All were in a solemn ode to the unusual, but at the same time, relatives and recognizable. The first movement told the "Sacred history of the great steppe". Despite the fact that it included a well-known passages from the writings of "Zhaylau", "Karasay", "Abay", music made it an amazing treatment, and they sounded not just in new ways, and gained amazing paint.

"Echo of centuries" — the second part — remember the magnificent voices of the choir, and voices of celebrated soloists — American Opera singer angel blue (soprano) and famous Kazakh tenor of the Honored worker of Kazakhstan Medet Chotabaev. The artists performed songs from the ancient Turkic Codex Cumanicus — "Dictionary of Kipchak languages" of the fourteenth century.

the voice of the angel blue is known for its beautiful timbre, shining and agile upper register. Speaking at the international level, the young singer has won many prestigious awards, including 2nd place in the "Operalia Placido Domingo" (Operalia). The local audience heard a performance by American soprano for the first time. And what was the surprise of the listeners when the blue angel in pure Kazakh language sang "Dudarai", "ҚArlyғal" "өSMNң қAras" definitely, winning the hearts sitting in the hall.

Medet Chotabayev were heard today at the highest level. His voice was strong and confident, velvety tenor captivated the audience. The leading soloists of "Astana Opera" — an Opera diva, Honored artist of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State prize Maira mukhamedkyzy, Honored worker of Kazakhstan Talgat Musabayev, the laureate of international competitions Meir Baines, spoke brilliantly in the final part of the solemn ode, tore the applause of the audience impressed.

the Main conductor of the Astana Opera — world-renowned Maestro Alan Buribayev undertook an ambitious project. Outstanding conductor managed to unite thousands of musicians who combined Symphony orchestras and choirs from all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from Italy, Austria, Germany, Holland, Greece, Croatia, Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Filigree Maestro showed a single rhythmic sound and clarity of execution.

the Premiere was attended by famous artists, intellectuals, Minister of culture and sports arystanbek Mukhamediuly.