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In the amusement Park "Mirabilandia" there was a great beach

Entertainment 04.07.2018 at 01:10

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Director of Ravenna Park is a new attraction: 20 thousand square metres of sandy beach with a Maxi-slide and wave pool.

Seven million euros invested in Mirabeach beach area of 20,000 m2, with a wave pool, and a double slide with a height of 10 meters. This is the most important novelty of the season in 2018 "Mirabilandia", the biggest Italian amusement Park that is located in Ravenna.

the Park plays an important role in the tourism economy Romanovskoj Riviera. And not only because the predictions of General Manager Riccardo Marcante at the end of the season, the number of visitors to the Park will increase on average by 10%. The Park employs about 1,000 people, mostly all of them are residents of Ravenna.

To be constantly nourished the attractiveness of the amusement Park annually offers visitors several new products for summer, including stunts on the water, the scene of which is the Central lake "Mirabilandia". This year the Park offers Hot Wheels City Challenge, a show featuring the best stuntmen in Europe. Next, not less interesting show Otto l'avventuriero, Mirabella, Peter Punk and the new night view.

Also this year, Mirabilandia will be open on Halloween and will repeat the recent experience of opening to the Christmas season. And since the beginning of the season 2019, the Park will open the Ducati Village, dedicated to Ducati motorcycles.