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Named the most dangerous beaches of Ukraine

Entertainment 06.07.2018 at 01:10

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The Water here does not meet the standards.

the Ministry of health of Ukraine made a map of beaches and recreational areas unsafe for swimming, reports the with reference to

reported on the Facebook page of the Centre for public health, Ministry of health of Ukraine.

According to the Agency, the water quality on these beaches did not meet the standard for microbial contamination on the index LKP (lactopositive Escherichia coli).

Kiev and the region

Kiev, lake Telbin, beach "Telbin"

Kiev Municipal beach "Palm", oz. Palm

Vyshgorod, oz. "Hippo-1"

Vyshgorod, oz. "Hippo-2"

Vyshgorod street, lake

Vasilkov, Recreation area, p. Stugna

SMT. Ivankov, a Recreational area of the Teteriv river

, Western Ukraine

Lutsk, Central beach, R. steer

luck, "beach tower", Sepalika

Kovel, recreation area, p. Turia reservoir

Kovel, city beach

S. Solovychi, oz. Valise

Ternopil, long beach, R., Seret river, Ternopil pond

Chernivtsi City beach of the river Prut

Kovel, recreation area, p. Turia, reservoir

Mukachevo, Okruzhnaya str., R. Latorica

Mukachevo, Victory Park, R. Latorica

Mukachevo, St. Raoul Wallenberg, R. Latorica

Central Ukraine

Vinnitsa, beach Khimik

Vinnytsia beach "Shingles"

Vinnytsia, Central beach

the winery, recreation area "Visherskoe lake"

Korosten, recreation area, street. Derevlyanska

Baranovka, a recreation area "the District"

SMT. Kuybyshevo, recreation area, p. Ubort

S. Pidluby, R. Ubort

Kropiwnicki, the garden city

Kirovohrad region, Obzowska reservoir

S. Zhobryn, Rivne R-n, OP beach resort "Krasnaya Kalina" R. Putilovka

S. Obariv, Rivne R-n, beachfront, OOO "Borovilos"

S. Kustyn, Rivne R-n, KZ beach DSOK "Elektronik-Rivne", R. Horyn

Exactly, oz. Basis Corner, city beach

Cherkassy, Beach "Mitnitski"

Poltava, Kiev district, beach, river Vorskla

Horishni Marshes, Bay Barbara

G. Bershad, a recreational area on the street Kovalenko, p. Dokhno

C. Florin, a recreational area "Antalya", R. Dokhno

South Eastern Ukraine

Novomoskovsk, Children's beach

Severodonetsk, the city Park, lake Park

Severodonetsk, a city beach, oz. Clean

SMT. Sirotina, Lugansk region lake Kriven'ko

the Black sea, the city beach

the Black sea, the beach Bo Friendship

the Black sea, Bo Falcon

SMT. Zatoka, Recreation area town. Gulf Central district

South Sanatorium-preventorium "Portovik"

Zaporozhye, Public beach "Central"

Zaporozhye, Public beach "Right Bank"

flint recreation zone, p Red

balakliia, children's beach, R. Balalaika

Balakleya, the beach, R. Shivka

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