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Joseph Raihelgauz: "Our repertoire we know three of the season ahead"

Entertainment 07.07.2018 at 01:10

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Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

— Joseph Leonidovich, difficult season behind, but I would like to understand: what is your opinion is a good play?

— I Think that the Director should evaluate their work only for themselves, in terms of self-discipline, a certain self-irony. The first indicator of the success of the play is him go. And when I hear from my colleagues: "I put a wonderful performance, but the audience don't understand it and don't buy tickets", then I think that the rights still a spectator, because my colleague did not realize for whom and why he was doing this work.

— And criticism — the same figure?

— of Course, this indicator: write about your performances by professional theater critics or not, get plays award or do not receive, I invite you on prestigious international festivals or are not invited. All of these indicators of our theatre is living well, because our best performances — "poured beer", "Save of gentleman of the bedchamber Pushkin", "Overheard..." has received various awards. "The overcoat/coat" we play at festivals. The last premiere performance of "Dead-smumer, just to be healthy" has managed to take on tour. I must say that this performance is, of course, complicated.

— He's all out of jokes?

— I am Proud that for the first time in history, we turned into a play 250 Jewish jokes, not adding a single extra word! Can you imagine? This is a very difficult job and I am happy that, first of all, appreciate the audience. We played a show in Nalchik, Makhachkala: big tour was in the North Caucasus. Now going with him to Odessa where already sold almost all the tickets. Of course, it is an indicator. Invite to the show, about the play write, the play is difficult to buy tickets in Moscow. I understand that for the theatre it is always important to be alive, especially for our we are a theatre world premieres. It is our job, our life.

— this is the fourth show you put in the genre "improvisation": mean, "While filled with beer." Do you feel any difficulties due to the lack of precise scenario?

— the Genre of actor's improvisation, which characterizes the performances of "Until filled with beer" and "Overheard, was overseen, unrecorded", we came up with Yevgeny Grishkovets. Together we write stories, not fixing the text: it improvise our artists within a particular plot. So, of course, is very difficult. Not every artist is able to improvise, because it requires a specific technology. Our actors can do that, since most of our troupe are graduates of my workshop at GITIS. Of course, they do a lot of improvisation and know how to do it like nobody else, so these performances are so popular and so interesting.

— How do you find topics and authors for the next season?

— Our theater for 15 years, holds the international dramatic competition, it's called "personas": it received hundreds of plays from around the world, we have a very powerful literary piece. We read them, and if we come across a very good play, then we have already correlated — we need it, our theater or not. And if you need to – put. So, with the drama we're all good. Not only that: inside the theatre regularly hosts seminar playwrights. Every year we publish a collection of "Ten best plays of the year." So our repertoire we know not only for the coming season, but on the other, even third go!

— Concluding the conversation, it's hard not to touch things, "the Seventh Studio"...

— When people commit a crime, whoever they were outstanding with Directors or modest accountants, for the crime they have to answer. But if they didn't do it, or if it has not been proven to keep a person in prison, to arrange a nationwide performances, some endless demonstration house arrests, is bad and ugly. And I am ashamed of what my beloved country cannot cope with such simple and clear things. I don't believe, unfortunately, many of our Affairs: neither the courts nor the evidence. Moreover, I understand that many of my colleagues, the whole theatrical system, as such, put in a situation where you can inadvertently break the law. Although, I think most of my colleagues are law-abiding and honest people, who are willing to bring money to the theater and the cinema, and not Vice versa.