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In Nalchik the sellers asked Putin to protect the Goat market

MComp 08.07.2018 at 04:32

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The Matter is complicated by the fact that the new owner raised the rent. Trying to achieve justice, people are urged to help the authorities.

the Sellers with Goat market in Nalchik report problems with the new Directors, they don't want to pay 120 000 rubles every month. The sellers claim that 30 days and half of this amount does not earn, and are forced to sell in order to make ends meet. One of the distributors said that a big part of trading are pensioners and low-income families people.

To the situation has been resolved, the traders appealed to President Vladimir Putin. According to them, the market privatized illegally, the owner asserts its willingness to produce documents of various regulatory authorities. The owner says people are not accustomed to the procedure and working in the dirt, and normal conditions are demanding higher rental prices in places.

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