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Expert: In some cities of Europe can live on 150 thousand per month

MComp 08.07.2018 at 09:12

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Experts from the International Living found five places on Earth where you can live comfortably for relatively little money.

Experts believe that some European cities you can live on relatively small funds — 150 thousand per month. These include Mafra in Portugal, Cuenca in Ecuador, the Central valley in Costa Rica, Pedasi in Panama and Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

According to the study, each of these cities people can comfortably exist in the amount of from 50 to 70 thousand rubles. Topping the list of the most affordable places to live in the town of Mafra in Portugal, located near the capital, where a couple will suffice 122 thousand rubles per month, and one person – 65 thousand roubles. In this atmosphere created by narrow cobbled streets, passing along colorful houses, painted blue and yellow paint. On the streets of Mafra smell of grilled sardines, served in a seaside cafe. In addition, the city is famous for its beach of Ericeira, where every year many surfers, as well as the Palace of Mafra.

followed by Cuenca, considered the third largest city in Portugal, which is one of the five Central American world heritage sites of UNESCO. The standard of living there is quite high, despite its accessibility, as it can live on 65 thousand rubles per month. In Cuenca a party atmosphere, inspired by the colorful carnivals and delicious dishes of the national cuisine.

the third-ranked Central valley, where monthly price varies from 95 to 114 thousand rubles, while n boasts one third of the population of Costa Rica. If you wish to merge with nature, then this place will seem ideal as you will be surrounded by lush forests, mountains and farms.

Small town Pedasi a four-hour drive from Panama city, is famous for its beaches. the monthly price of the stay in it amounts to 126 thousand dollars, including trips around the country and travel zagranicu. According to the American couple who moved to live here, they love Pedasi, where a bottle of beer can be purchased for 65 rubles, and gardening cost only 300 rubles per hour.

Closes the list of available places to live in Phnom Penh, where a man for a month will be enough 72 thousand, although the researchers assure us that if it belongs to the category of economical figures, the amount may be further reduced.

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