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"Special summer offer!

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 03.07.2018 at 13:35

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Action "summer Special offer" for Valid club members KEITH and partners an online store from 3 to 20 July.

what it is?

I Think you all know about such proposals as "Large and small" and "Starter" family kits, which provide significant discounts on their constituent unimodularity.

under normal conditions these offers are ONLY accessible to our club, i.e. for those who is a member of the whale or partner store But with 3 to 20 July this feature will be available also for club members and for the partners of the store.

This means that for these people discounts stock "family kits" which are actually equal to birthday Bonus, in addition to their personal discounts .

read More about membership in the club >>

read More about the partnership in the online store >>

While the minimum offer that can satisfy almost anyone, it is a Starter kit.

it can include:

Only TWO individual/wall/table EM + ONE Octopus.

Except Breeze-7.

there are various combinations of modulators. The main thing that was any TWO unimodular (except Breeze-7) + ONE Octopus!

an Example of the starter kit.

Small and Large family kits.

These sets include a little more animatorov, including breeze-7.

an Example of a Small family set

What can be included in Small family set. 1. Briz-7 - 1 PC.

2. Individual/wall/table EM (optional) - 2 PCs

3. UM, the Octopus - 2 piece Again, can be any combination of EM, as long as this set was present Briz-7 and TWO Octopus.

the Cost of a set is calculated on the basis given in the end of the page of the table of discounts.


an Example of a Great family set.

What can be included in a family kit.

1. Briz-7 - 1 PC.

2. Individual/wall/table EM - 4 PCs.

3. UM, the Octopus is 3. the Main condition - the presence of a set of Briz-7 and THREE Octopuses. Everything else is by choice.

the Cost of this set is also calculated on the basis of the table below discounts.

we Remind our dear guests, that is, those who did not become a full member of the club or partner in the online store that they can ALWAYS use these promotions with great discounts for each modulator included in the set. The discounts in the table below.

__________________________________________________ ___

table discounts on unimodularity included in family kits (starter, small and large).

the Name of modulators






EM Unicorn, Jaguar


15 KE

R. 630


EH Briz-

(individual EM)


15 KE

R. 630


EM breeze-7



R. 1260


Individual EM:

breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the Nymph, Tigris, Svyatogor, a centaur, a Pilot, a Spring KIT


10 KE

420 R.


Wall EM

Nymph/ Tigris,

table EM Spring


10 KE

420 R.


UM Fairy, Phoenix

(individual EM)


25 KE

R. 1050


EM Owl, Sail



R. 1890

8 UM Octopus 1 5 KE 210

If You are not yet a full member of a club KIT or a partner of our online store, it is never too late to become them. We will be happy!

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How to become a partner in the online store and it gives >>