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Blender: 3D model of the chip to connect in the library KiCad

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When Designing printed circuit boards often need to add a three-dimensional model of the electronic component to the Board. But it is not always possible to find the existing file on the Internet. Draw a model using a CAD program is not working: set the parameters of the case and conclusions it is ten minutes, unless, of course, we need a dimensional model and not a photo-realistic picture.

But there is a problem: a professional CAD editor is not cheap, and freely distributable is not always convenient to use.

fortunately to the aid can always come Blender. Yes, it is not intended to create drawings and accurate models. But nevertheless enables you to quickly create three-dimensional models of electronic components for their subsequent import of tracers. In this article I will describe a method of creating a model of the chip and connect it to the KiCad component library.

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