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Darya Dontsova - the collected works - 238 books

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Daria Dontsova real name Agrippina Dontsova Arkadevna, nee Vasileva; 7 June 1952, Moscow) — Russian writer, author of women's "ironical detectives", a member of the Union of writers of Russia. Laureate of literary awards.

Biography and career

Born in a family of the Soviet writer Arkady Nikolayevich Vasilyev. Mother — Tamara Stepanovna Nowacki, he worked as Director of Mosconcert. In 1974, Darya Dontsova graduated from the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, faculty of journalism. After graduation he worked 2 years in Syria, in Aleppo at the Soviet Consulate, a French interpreter. After returning to Moscow until 1983 he worked in the Department of the newspaper "Evening Moscow". In 1983 he changed his name (husband's name) and went to work in the monthly magazine "Fatherland." After the birth of her daughter (in 1986) has been teaching German and French.

At the end of 1998 Dontsova was diagnosed with "breast cancer 4-th degree". Agrippina had four complex operations, but there is no improvement. In the hospital she wrote her first work in the genre of ironic detective — "Krutye naslednichki", which further developed into the series "a Lover of private investigation Dasha Vasileva". From the hospital she went, writing 5 novels already. In 1999, came to the publishing house "Eksmo". Three months later took the pseudonym Darya Dontsova. Currently written 100 novels, scripts for television series, radio plays. The total circulation of books amounted to more than 100 million copies.