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Brexit: the stunning resignation of Davis

Full tape of POLIT.RU 09.07.2018 at 11:21

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Minister David Davis, who was responsible for the separation of Britain from the EU, resigned in protest against the new strategy adopted by the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may. This event is a growing debate in the English media. Most commentators agree that this resignation is a big shock for the British government. However, the shock is more potential than held.

Davis, writes the Financial Times, resigned after just two days after Mei insisted on a new strategy of "soft" branches, against which he objected. This resignation is a blow to the plan may, who was designed to be a compromise, uniting her team. Davis in recent months, more and more were pushed to the periphery, the FT notes. Because of this, he revealed a new strategy only at the last moment. It looked not very well given the fact that, formally, Davis was still a Minister on disconnecting from the EU.

the Prime Minister, Theresa may, at a meeting with Cabinet to discuss secession from the EU, Number 10/

"Soft" version of the strategy don't like Davis that Mei is trying to keep Britain closer to the European single market and the customs Union. In such circumstances, the probability that Brussels will now make Britain more concessions. In addition, the adoption of a new plan contradicts previous promises may really leave the EU market and the customs Union.

In the British government there were fears that the new plan will cause the protest resignations. Most expected this from Davis, and Minister of foreign Affairs of Boris Johnson. Johnson, however, was limited to verbal invective, but anywhere did not become. Meanwhile, the pound on the resignation of Davis hardly reacted. Earlier on the adoption plan, he reacted by raising, as alleged compromise will stabilize the situation.

the topic of the pound was interested in Bloomberg. All weekend, the author notes, the press is colorful headlines and in the British government continued political friction over the separation from the EU. But the pound is all by and large ignored. Perhaps the author believes that this is because the markets took a wait. They cautiously welcomed the prospect of a "soft" scenario, but the resignation of Davis perceived only as a signal that you need to closely monitor developments.

the Prime Minister, Theresa may, at a meeting with Cabinet to discuss secession from the EU, Number 10/

Indeed, Davis's resignation could be the beginning of a new round of uncertainty. The government after last year's elections lost the dominance in Parliament. Now, because of the change of the composition he will probably become even more difficult to negotiate with the Parliament. The problem is not that Davis left office, and that as a result of this history of the 15 parliamentary conservatives who supported Davis can refuse to support a new strategy may. Thus, the assessment of the situation depends on further developments, and the markets are waiting for the opportunity to make this assessment.

some former supporters of EU membership, says the BBC, the resignation of Davis may be a temporary relief. Initially, the Cabinet Mey were made possible in equal proportions of supporters and opponents of secession from the EU. Now the proponents of closer ties with the EU became less opponents within the government. However, among the tories now revive opponents of the EU, which emphasize that the new plan of separation is not what the Prime Minister has besala people.