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Roman inscription of the second century reports on the construction of public baths

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During excavations near the village of Kabile in the South-East of Bulgaria found intact slab with a Roman inscription of the age of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

the Settlement on the territory of settlement known since the Neolithic age. Its name comes from the name of the goddess Cybele, stone relief depicting which archaeologists have found. In 341 BC, when these places were conquered by the king of Macedonia Philip II, the settlement was surrounded by a wall and became policy. From 277 BC Kabila is part of the Odrysian Kingdom and serves as one of the Royal residences. In 71 BC the city was captured by the Romans and soon included into the province of Thrace. The settlement was built a military camp where, according to the found inscriptions, with 136 for 192 years based lucentisa second cohort (cohors II Lucensium), which was listed as 480 infantry and 120 horsemen. Commanded by the prefect Aelius Rufus.

the Oven of about 80 by 60 centimeters contains seven lines in Latin. The inscription announces the opening of public baths, built in 166 – 169 years, when the province of Thrace, rules Claudius Marcian. The Roman baths, which is dedicated to the inscription, were discovered by archaeologists in the past, but the exact date of their construction was unknown.