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"In Qatar we will do better." On the prospects of the Russian national team

Full tape of POLIT.RU 09.07.2018 at 13:00

Full tape POLIT.RU

The Chief coach of Russia on football Stanislav Cherchesov has promised that in the world championship in Qatar, the Russian team will play better than she managed at the domestic championship.

the statement Cherchesov made during the meeting, the team and fans, held on 8 July in the fan zone on the Sparrow hills. The meeting was attended by 24 thousand fans.

"we want to welcome you all. We were together, you were the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th our players. We wanted to go further, but we failed. Four years later in Qatar, we will do better, but without you will be difficult. So everything is there", — quotes the words of coach news Agency " Interfax ".

the players of the team thanked the fans for their support. Sergei Ignashevich, announced the end of his football career, said: "Thanks to each and everyone individually. Nice to watch your reaction in Moscow and other cities. We are glad to have experienced these emotions with you." The Brazilian Mario Fernandes, now playing for the national team of Russia, said in Russian: "Thank you, Russia!".

Mario Fernandez / AGN "Moscow" / photo: Alexander Avilov

Denis Cheryshev said: "the Country was fun, wanted to go further... Thank you for all the support, we love you!". Artem Dzyuba has admitted: "Yesterday was a tears — hard to say, tears of defeat or happiness, but the holiday was a success. What you want to tell me — I would in your place would have felt the same. Thank you for your support. I am happy that you are a citizen of Russia. Such a soul, like our citizens, no one in the world."

Recall: world Cup 2018 Russian football team for the first time in history reached the quarter-finals and, according to many fans, it could reach the semi-finals. However, a penalty she lost to Croatia, and was eliminated from the tournament.

However, the international football Federation (FIFA) has recognized the Russian national team the best in protection in world championship in 2018. The Russia midfielder Denis Cheryshev took third place in the list of the best scorers in the 2018 world Cup — he scored four goals. Another midfielder, Roman Zobnin, voted best player of the tournament for is not — according to estimates by FIFA, he ran together 62 km away. in addition, FIFA said the match of 1/8 final Spain — Russia as one of the best matches of the championship — 1235 successful transmission.

Mario Fernandez and Denis Cheryshev / AGN "Moscow" / photo: Igor Ivanko

a British magazine FourFourTwo in its ranking of the players, which were the discoveries of the championship, in third place was called Alexander Golovin. He scored a spectacular free-kick and made two assists in the game against Saudi Arabia, and also acted as a key player in the match with Spain.

On why Cherchesov talked about the plans of the team to play better in Qatar, and that there is great likelihood that this outcome will be achieved, "" spoke Nikolai Yaremenko, editor in chief of the newspaper "Soviet sport". In his opinion, the statement could be made on emotion, because the overall level of development of Russian football below the level at which the was the team.

Nikolai Yaremenko

"it is Clear that such statements are often made on emotions, when one stroke, one step is not enough to reach the semi-finals. And it seems that even a little bit, one more effort — and next time will be much better. But this situation happens to all teams. And in this particular case a lot of course of factors contributed to the fact that we got the result that we see.

But it is not necessary to be deceived: the quarter-finals, the top 8 of the world championship in no way reflects the level of development of Russian football in the country. In the top 8 we are definitely not. And no one can say that the championship of Russia zazhigatelnoe and more interesting than the Italian League, which is generally on the 2018 world Cup has not got, or the championship of Spain, which flew on the one-eighth finals, or the championship of Germany, which is generally not passed the group stage.

the Question is, what conclusions will now be made. If we all declare heroes Cherchesov, national team players, saying, "see, we did everything right, Mutko is also well done — a coach appointed!", or if they adopted some sort of absurd decisions (for example, to keep the limit on foreign players, or to keep the flow of government money in football, which, by definition, actually should be a business) — in short, if all will be well, then, of course, the next chance for the semi-finals we will wait for another 50 years.

of Course, Qatar will be a different team, and she has other results. Let's see how we, for example, will go in the fall strong enough group in a tournament like the European League of Nations. Then in a contact group are Turks, and Swedes. Let's see what will give us the draw at the European championship — this will be determined in December 2018. Here then we can draw conclusions. Now, again, matched a lot of factors, not the least of which is the walls of your home and very weak, very passable band, which hit Russia. In 2022 in Qatar, this is in any case will not.

the Draw of the Championship of Europe on football /

as for who could enter the national team in the future, then the issue is not specific to young players — young players appear every year. The question is, in what conditions they are formed here. Nobody is born from the talented national team player — the team have yet to break.

When in 2008 the Russian national team at Euro 2008 showed the result, those who demonstrated were not the "children limit". Although the limit was formally introduced in 2005, but it is clear that Arshavin, Pavlyuchenko, for example, was formed before we had put a limit on foreigners, when some players began to receive more just for the fact of having a Russian passport.

So the question is where and how players will be formed, significant. Because sometimes, to become a serious player, a person might need to go to play in the weaker League. Or in a strong League, but not as often to have practice. Like Cheryshev, who, in my opinion, for the main part of real Madrid just six games — and we see that Cheryshev is now completely different, creative player, he decided on the steps which are not solved by other players.

Denis Cheryshev and Russian national team on football / AGN "Moscow" / photo: Sergey Kiselev

Because in the Spanish League time of the decision the player much less than in the Russian Premier League: took the ball, handled it and was immediately hit. And we see that often it is and a goal. And in the first game Cheryshev forgot two goals, and one of them was scored in the manner in which not at all made to beat the Russian football League with uncomfortable legs, an uncomfortable position from outside the penalty area, outside of the foot. And the ball on an intricate trajectory has flown in distant "the nine".

So the point is not whether there will be young players or not, and in what conditions they are formed. And to create the conditions we now need to do serious structural insights. Need to take foreign experience, to establish a system of youth schools and do not expect that the result will be right tomorrow, and to get ready for serious and long work. And not to draw conclusions like: "you see, aliens did not, and our, Russian coach is always a good thing!". To choose without some kompaneyschiny", — said Mykola Yaremenko.

let's Add: aside from Ignashevich on the completion of a career in Russian national team also said Aleksandr Samedov, who played there in 2011.