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The suppression of dingoes has caused a change in the landscape in South Australia

Full tape of POLIT.RU 09.07.2018 at 13:08

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In 1880-ies in Australia, with the purpose to protect grazing sheep from dingoes was constructed fence with a length of over 5,500 thousand kilometers. He passes through the States of Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales. The fence is now supported by special maintenance teams. A new study shows that the North and South of the fence now differ not only natural communities but even the landscape. On different sides of the fence varies form sandy dunes.

Photo: Mitchell Lyons

Scientists explain this by the "Domino effect". The territory South of the fence the number of dingoes was sharply reduced after state-sponsored programs, which continue today. In the absence of dingoes in these regions has dramatically increased the number of invasive predatory species: foxes and wild cats. In turn, they dropped the number of small rodents and marsupials. These animals eat seeds of plants and small shrubs that without them, began to grow in greater numbers. Overgrown bushes has allowed the survival of shade-loving plants, mosses and lichens. Introduced vegetation has strengthened the structural integrity of the sand dunes and impacted on their movement under the action of wind. The result is dunes South of the fence eventually became higher and acquired a different form.

the Study is published in the journal of the Royal Society Interface.