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Meeting with the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko

G. Poltavchenko informed the President about the socio-economic situation in Saint-Petersburg.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Poltavchenko, we are meeting fairly regularly, however there is an opportunity now to talk about how the economy works Petersburg, which results in the first half of this year. With this start, and then we can discuss all other issues.

G. Poltavchenko: We have previously summarized.

Believe that the growth we provided last year, today is yielding results. The index of industrial production provisional data – 103.5 percent, which is important. Slightly lower growing retail trade turnover, paid services to the population, it says about the economic recovery.

Own revenues grew around 10 percent compared to the same period last year. In any case, stable, may not be abrupt, but economic growth is. Think we're gonna do it even better than in 2017.

On the fixed capital investment we do not reduce, today, according to the results, only the first quarter, about 82 billion rubles we have attracted. I think this will be the same as last year. We worked well, 658 billion rubles fixed capital attracted. This is more than the budget of the region.

And I would like to report that we at the meeting of the city government approved the strategy of socio-economic development of St. Petersburg until 2035, and in principle in the action plan to implement the strategy we laid all the provisions of Your Executive order of may 12, including indicators. Now we are working on a budget for 2019 and subsequent years. In principle, there is just all the articles. The formation of the budget are under the tasks set in the may decree. So I think that we should work not worse than in 2017. Most likely, even better.

Vladimir Putin: Good. Let us look at some questions we will discuss them separately in detail.