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Residents of Novokuznetsk

Dear friends!

Congratulate you on the 400-th anniversary of Novokuznetsk – the oldest city in Kemerovo region.

Founded back in 1618 on the banks of the river Tom, a long time he provided reliable protection of the borders of the country, and later played an important role in the development of Siberia. You can be proud of many generations of countrymen who developed the Kuzbass, built businesses, homes, schools, objects of transport and energy infrastructure, its selfless efforts to strengthen the country's economy.

Today Novokuznetsk is a large modern city, a major center of metallurgy, mining industry. I am glad that you respect the glorious history of his native land, with real actions and endeavours to contribute to their well-being.

I Wish you success and all the best.

on a holiday!