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Working meeting with head of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov informed the President about work on the program of water supply in the region, plans for implementation of projects of construction of plants for processing of horticultural products, production of ophthalmic equipment and medicines.

Vladimir Putin: let's Discuss the whole range of prevailing socio-economic issues of the Republic, but let's start with one sensitive with water.

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov: Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! In General, socio-economic indicators of the current year we have a speaker. As You said, water is a sensitive issue, but not only for the Republic and for the country as a whole. Your the may decree it is clearly stated.

I was told at the Ministry of construction on these issues. There are developing a separate program on water supply, including under the may decree. About three years ago, had developed a very good project. Asked to support and the Ministry of construction, and the Republic of Ingushetia for water supply to the population.

This is an extremely painful subject. Yes, we are three or four years ago removed the problem, but today there are a number of settlements, where, first, the network is worn out; secondly, the extraction of water. If the depth of the well was one, today it is completely different depth, the water is depleted. Therefore asked to support this project.

the Second question, Mr President. Is the world Cup. I would ask the youth of the Republic's athletes of the country. Today, we are the only subject where there is no stadium. We already talked about this. We're not asking 30-thousand, 15-thousand stadium. Already with Vitaly Mutko it was said, asked to support this project.

the world Cup – national, national holiday in the country. All the rejoicing. A gift from You on the day of the Republic: if you can support, please give instructions Mr Mutko. We then all together report on the implementation of this order. Please support us.

Vladimir Putin: Then let him work.

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov: the Third question. We have a "Garden-giant Ingushetia" it's the largest in Europe today, 1,100 hectares. We with the Ministry of agriculture agreed with the Deputy Prime Minister said these issues agreed with the Committee of the Federation Council [the possibility of] outreach sessions and would fall at the base of the garden giant to organize and hold a national meeting on the gardening.

It is the largest repository – 64 [thousand] tons of storage, a nursery for seedlings, we have two years abroad do not buy seedlings. At the time of the meeting are laying a capsule for the construction of juice plant, baby food plant and in the future, plant for pectin, because today we are 90 percent import-dependent from pectin. If this plant will be put, this is a joint project with the Italians, we will 40 percent to provide.

Plus I literally 18-19 in the Republic works, the Minister of economy of India. We, together with the Indians ordered a plant for manufacturing equipment for ophthalmology and eye drops. The Indians first in the world in this direction are, and that such a project already. We are also ready in the autumn this plant to lay. This is a good project, so if will be Your decision, we would have worked.

Vladimir Putin: Good.