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Quote #451182 09.07.2018 at 06:44

Book Runet


Oh, funny!

I was like mom calling, saying, behold, the car was bought.

I'm starting to ask questions

- how is she? The engine is normal? Not troit?

- Well there's a little...

- Box switching is pulling?

- a Little tugging when R on D put.

Well, for a couple of years will be enough. The condo is tucked in? Rust much? The light is burning? AutoPlay is?

I - O_O - answer questions

- Well it's OK, it turns out. Rubber how many sets? On the disks?

- rubber on release, half the season to doedit, but on the original wheels, 2 sets. look, mom, I don't Lech will take with me, and you.

She fucking knows what it is all wheel drive, LOCKING DIFFERENTIALS!

have been listening to far East dads


and my mother said to me: "Buy Largus, fit the couch!"

she and Matiz bought because he got two sacks of potatoes - as long as they have enough for a year

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