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Would the goods and the merchant there

Zadolba!whether 09.07.2018 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Now, the buyer, angered that he had not sold the drill, sit down, take a paper, pencil, a calculator and count.

Let a store employee receives a thirty per month. This is the minimum below which no one will not work. So, the minute of your working time is worth two rubles. Time for one such as you client — five minutes, if not more. This and your "and you do not have this, but with pearl buttons, and then scratch, give more, and why it...", and work on the delivery of your single drill from the warehouse to the shop floor, and work the cashier and processing of payment. Total expenses of the store on your purchase — and ten rubles.

And the drill bit is worth the bucks. Well you will not want thousands to buy, will shout about the fact that we ohreneli. The purchase price he is seventy, minus taxes, minus transportation, minus something else... Well profit from one swerlick — five rubles. Total: from sales we have the profit of minus five rubles.

in Short, we are more profitable to throw out these drills than you sell.

And about the fact that they are gathering dust in the warehouse and nobody will buy it, don't worry. Let them lie down, popytatsya. And then some entrepreneur from another city will find it through us, bring a Gazelle and take the whole lot.

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