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The first day sales of Yandex.Station

Blog Yandex 10.07.2018 at 10:30

Blog Yandex

Updated at 16:40. The store ran out the first batch of Yandex.Stations. The next batch will be on sale in Internet on

Yandex.Station home media platform with voice assistant, Alice, which Yandex introduced in may, went on sale. The first batch of devices brought into the shop and the Museum of Yandex in Moscow.

the Sale of the Station was launched on 10 July at 10:00. The first customers showed up around half past five in the morning. By the time the store opened on the street Timur Frunze stood about two hundred people.

because of the high demand for Station — only in the first hours after the announcement arrived more than 20 thousand applications — we have decided to impose a restriction: a maximum of two columns to the buyer. So the device will be able to buy more willing.

the Price of Yandex.Station — 9990 rubles. In the shop you can pay by cash or card. Each device comes with one-year subscription to Yandex.Plus and bonuses from partners.

the store has a demonstration area. It is possible to consider the Station and test it in: for example, to put music, video or to speak with a voice assistant Alice.

In the demonstration area staffed Yandex participated in the creation Station. They talk about its capabilities and answer questions. The photo below is the main developer of the Station, Konstantin Kruglov.

the Station can be bought not just offline. The rest of the week taking pre-orders for the device will open

the Device ordered and paid for will be sent to buyers within 90 days and for free deliver to any region of Russia.

the store sold the Station only black color. On the Internet you will have other colors: grey and purple.