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Temur Shakaia will be engaged in the supply of cosmetics from Germany

Meedik 10.07.2018 at 21:00

The Intern health magazine

Former co-owner of the pharmacy network "36,6" Temur Shakaia will be engaged in professional hair cosmetics ME Mademoiselle. About this businessman said on his Facebook page.

"It was a long but very interesting talks! 15 000 square meters high-tech production of professional cosmetics of the highest quality, located in a cozy German village 200 km from Frankfurt! Many well-known brands came off the Assembly line of this plant! And here it is the quintessence of many years of research. ME Mademoiselle — innovative premium brand of professional cosmetics", he said.

Until 2018 Temur Shakaia in partnership with Ivan Saganelidze, Vladimir Kintsurashvili and Igor Gebarowski owned company Palesora the majority shareholder of PJSC "pharmacy chain 36,6".

As previously reported, "PV", Palesora came from among the shareholders is known to the pharmacy network in the period from June to December 2017, This follows from the reports of the company. Accurate information about sales and new shareholders no. The new majoritarian became a Cyprus company Paneario Holdings Limited, an offshore company owned 28% "36,6".

In December 2017 Temur Shakaia and Igor Gebarowski left the Board of Directors of the pharmacy network. The other two partners led "36,6" until March 2018.