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The Central Bank decided to tighten the regulation of consumer

Legal advice 10.07.2018 at 17:18

Legal advice


Russia intends to strengthen the regulation of consumer

lending due to the acceleration of growth in the loan portfolio.


published by the regulator of amendments to the instruction of the Bank

Russia 180-I "On mandatory ratios of banks". The Bank also plans

to revise the scale of risk weights on consumer credits according to

from the values of the total cost of credit (PSK). The explanatory document

the Bank of Russia said that the decision is taken in order to ensure

the growth of the quality of banks ' loan portfolios and not to increase

the debt load of the population.

For loans with a value of PSK in

the range of 10-15 per cent is proposed to establish the risk factor is 130

percent (now 100 percent); with a value of 15-20% -

risk ratio 150% (now 110%); value

20-25% - risk ratio 180% (now - 120

%); with the value of 25-30% risk weight 200

% (currently 140 percent). These requirements

will apply to banks and universal and basic licenses

after September 1, 2018.