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For heat, you can pay for individual metering devices

Legal advice 10.07.2018 at 17:39

Legal advice


the court has allowed residents of apartment buildings pay for heat on

individual counters. However, the new payment procedure will be available

not to all.

the Consideration of the provisions of article 157 of the Housing code

, Russian Federation and paragraph 42(1) of the Rules of granting of utilities to the owners of the

and users of premises in apartment houses began at the

the initiative of a resident of Pushkino of the Moscow region Sergey Demenza.

More than a year the man tried to prove in courts of General jurisdiction, which is not

must bear the additional costs due to careless neighbors, stone

block was one word - "everything."

Deminer living in a new apartment building, which was commissioned in late 2015.

17-storey building about 500 apartments, all equipped with individual

metering devices (ICS) of thermal energy, and the house in General, house

counter. The fee for heating in each apartment in this case,

must consist of actual consumption (according to the testimony IPU) and

the fee for a block of flats is calculated by addition - subtraction.

However, some owners refused IPU - management

the company changed the scheme of settlements: according to the testimony of communal counter

in proportion to the area of the apartment.

- I went to court when

learned that the part of the tenants believes the new method more beneficial -

told Deminer - So, we take the part of their

costs, if their counter they do the amount is more than