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What card transfers are not taxed

Legal advice 10.07.2018 at 17:48

Legal advice


because of the fake news that the Federal tax service is

to totally control your card transfers and to levy a tax on

"unidentified" operations subsided. However, citizens still have questions:

some cases, the amount received by the card may still

to admit the income and be taxed on the income of natural persons, and in which


it follows from the explanations of the Federal tax service, income recognized

amounts received by individuals as payment

goods, services, as well as remuneration for civil contracts

character - e.g. tenancy agreement. In such

cases, the taxpayer has the obligation to provide the Declaration at the

tax on income of physical persons (form 3-NDFL). The tax would have

to pay.

is Not considered income and are not subject to tax gratuitous transfers of card of citizens. Simply put, the donation of money.


when in the above cases is optional, specifies the partner

the consulting group "Guide right," Ilya Nazarov. According to him,

to report to the IRS about such translations are not

you need to pay tax on them is required. In principle, donation is the

a simple and reliable way of explanation of card translation, main,

its the sender in the case of matters was able to explain everything,

notes Nazarov.