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For that you need to pay the notary in probate

Question - answer - Legal advice 09.07.2018 at 17:24

Question - answer - Legal advice


the inheritance - the procedure is long and difficult. And all sorts of "underwater

stones" in the process of probate a lot. One of them is the price,

to be paid by the notary heir. Examining the dispute of the notary and

dissent with their published account of the heir, the Supreme court

explained what rights of a citizen in such a situation.

the dispute started in Cheboksary, where the district court came to the heir

the complaint of a private notary. The notary refused to issue the citizen

the certificate of inheritance and certificate

ownership share in the common property of the spouses. The refusal of the notary

motivated by the fact that the heir did not pay "additional services

legal and technical nature". In court the claimant asked to recognize

requirement of a notary is illegal and to give him the required documents.


started with the fact that the man's wife died. During the life of the couple amassed

apartment, garage with cellar and non-residential premises. As a widower,

received the right to half of the remaining kind.