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Top 10 transfers of the week. From Yakupov to Bochenski

News of the KHL 10.07.2018 at 11:00

"Magnitogorsk" returns of inmates from the NHL "Barys" - his legend, and "army" clubs - the first issues of the draft. on the main transfer of the week.

nail Yakupov. From Colorado (NHL) to SKA

the record first in the NHL draft listed 22 games in the KHL. That's how much he played in the season 2012/2013 for the native Neftekhimik, when the ocean raged the lockout. In our League, Yakupov took his first steps in professional hockey. And in the third match he made it clear that all advances are not unfounded. Nail managed to score two points on the ice of the St. Petersburg Ice, and outplayed in the penalty shootout, Sergei Bobrovsky, he brought the residents a victory over SKA.

by fate and a series of exchanges Yakupov returns it to the club from the Neva banks. After several unsuccessful attempts to become a top forward in the NHL, one of the major talents of his generation goes to Russia to restart a career. From branding point of view, he can replace Ilya Kovalchuk, practical – Evgeny Dadonov. He has promise a place with a bunch of Gusev – Datsyuk, but this 24-year-old striker to forget all the failures and start with a clean slate. It is as though banal sounded, but the only way we will be able to see the Yakupov, who six years ago went crazy the entire hockey world.

Anton Slepyshev. From Edmonton (NHL) CSKA

To Russia last week, returned the first draft pick not only the NHL, but the KHL. In 2011 Novokuznetsk "Metallurgist" has chosen the first number of Anton slepysheva. But the last three years, the native of Penza were based overseas, trying to break the Foundation of Edmonton. Had it with varying degrees of success. There were goals and assists, and even a few matches next to Connor McDavid. But lately with the last name slepysheva increasingly linked the rumors about the imminent exchange. Anton didn't wait, in what direction will turn his North American career, and signed a contract with CSKA.

the Right to 24-year-old striker got the price of Muscovites Vyacheslav Osnovin and Artem Sergeev, who went to Ufa. Slepyshev is primarily intended to replace in the composition of CSKA Valery Nikolkina, went in the opposite direction. Fortunately, both are on the right flank. For team Igor Nikitin this two-way forward, not shy in defense, can be very useful. That to Anton, for his move to CSKA – the chance to break the Russian team. On the Euro tour during his career Slepyshev haven't seen.

Nikolay Kulemin. Of the islanders (NHL) to metallurg Mg

the Career of Nikolay Kulemina amazing because in the years, it was perceived as a completely different player roles. No, of course Magnitogorsk resident always played in attack, but his role at the site differed significantly. In his youth he was put almost on a par with Evgeni Malkin, however, showed great promise at Magnitogorsk. A while Kulemin justified the advances, but the coach of Toronto Randy Carlyle saw in him the makings of a checker.

With time Magnitogorsk resident turned into a forward defensive. Is it any wonder that with this transformation decreased and statistics Kulemina? Arriving in the national team of Russia, he reminisced about his attacking skills, but all this is nothing more than episodes. Now back in "Magnitogorsk" ten years later, Nicholas will try to fully regain his former self. It is possible that this Joseph Andac sees a new partner for Sergei Mozyakin. Moreover, together they already played under the direction of Paul Maurice.

Viktor Antipin. From Buffalo (NHL) to metallurg Mg

at the dawn of the career of the young Ural boy Victor Antipin managed to play a great pair with Sergei Gonchar. It was during the lockout of the NHL, when in Magnitogorsk gathered superpoteri Antipin – Potter – Kulemin – Malkin – mozyakin. Since then flowed away a lot of water: Gonchar moved on to coaching, and Antipin won two of the Gagarin Cup and played in three world cups. Gain experience, he went there, where at the time, came to his partners in heaven. Here are just a career in Buffalo at Antipina went wrong.

the Defender used to play in the most risky attack, was prepared for a completely different role. Over the past season, Victor scored 10 points, but it never struck the gate rivals "sabres". And towards the end of the regular season Antipin received a broken nose and a concussion. Buffalo did not offer him a new contract, after which the Magnitogorsk resident returned home. Neither the club nor the player did not burn bridges. Along with the defense Antipin "Magnitogorsk" experiencing serious problems last season, came close to the championship samples.

Andrey Pedan. From "the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins" (AHL) in the "AK bars"

Pedany Brothers, the age difference between them only a year and a half have been educated at "wings of the Soviets", but his professional career started overseas. Ruslan, after playing several years in the American student League, returned early and managed to change "Sochi" on "Spartak". Andrew auditioned in the NHL much longer. In the season 2015/2016 the eldest of the brothers Peganov were able to play 16 games for Vancouver. However, after that the Russian defender seemed to ignore. And as in "Canucks" and "penguins", where it traded before last season.

In the AHL Andrew tried to Express themselves with various parties fought and mostly won, held devastating power moves, one of which has been suspended, and last season, even scored a hat-trick! None of this prompted the management of "Pittsburgh" to pay attention to pedana. Now he will frighten rivals in the form of "AK Bars". Citizens need such a player after the departure of Stepan Zakharchuk. And the position of counsel under the most, which is vacant following the departure of Basil Tokranova, recruit to close is quite capable.

IIRO Pakarinen. From Edmonton (NHL) to metallurg Mg

Another rookie team from Magnitogorsk! If earlier "Steelworkers" was often applied to the Czech market, where Tomas Rolinek and Yaroslav Kudrna came Jan kovari and Tomas Filippi, now there is a Scandinavian vector. After the Swede Dennis Rasmussen, the Ural players joined IIRO Pakarinen. The most famous native of the small Finnish town of Suonenjoki the last four seasons spent in North America. On account of the extreme versatile striker 135 matches for Edmonton, including one in the playoffs.

the Last season for the IIRO was crumpled because of a knee injury, but last season he played 40 matches for "oilers". Interestingly, in the memorable world Cup final of 2014, when the team of Oleg Znarka won in the ending the national team of Finland, one of the washers in gate of the Russian team scored just Pakarinen. If at the time Pakarinen failed to beat the team of Russia, it may be able to conquer the NHL? Motivation it should be more than enough.

Patrick Wirkus. From "Utica" (AHL) in "Dinamo" Mn

In Minsk has always played a bright target. If not Belarusians, that the Legionnaires. What are Marc-Andre Gragnani, Ryan Gunderson and Nick Bailen. One of the leaders of the "Tractor", which brought Chelyabinsk to the final conference opened in the capital of Belarus. In the upcoming season, the tradition will continue. In Minsk "Dynamo" goes another North American counsel, who can become a star in the KHL.

Patrick Wirkus, first of all, the champion of the world. Not only that, this title is difficult to win. Nonetheless, it is difficult to get into team Canada. It managed to recruit "bison" in 2015. Once in Prague in company with Brent burns, Sidney Crosby, Taylor hall and the other stars, he is not retired to the background and scored for the tournament with four points. He played in the final against Russia, when the "maple" defeated the wards of Oleg Znarka with the score 6:1. At that time, Wilkos was a leading defender of "Ottawa", but soon his career began to decline. Last season, Patrick is never called in the main part of "Vancouver", but became the third scorer of the farm-club.

Ville Pokka. From of Ottawa (NHL) in the "avant-garde"

that the Finnish defender will continue his career in Omsk, was known for a long time. "Avant-garde" in advance have declared that Villa Pockoy agreed. But only last week managed to remove all the formalities and register the contract. Pokka, who was born in 1994, became one of the youngest defenders in the camp of "hawks", but almost certainly will be prescribed in the first pair of Siberian team.

During his short Villa career he won the Finnish championship with "Karpata", won gold at the world youth championship in the same team with Teuvo teravainen and by the Rasmus Ristolainen and also tried the ocean. As drafted the islanders, he managed to play in the system out of Ottawa and Chicago, but never played a single game in the NHL.

What, however, did not prevent him to get to the world Cup in Toronto. Pokka played at the last world Cup, where points get hold of failed, but added to the collection a silver medal.

, David Deane. From the "new York Rangers" (NHL) in the "locomotive"

Another transfer, which was talked about for a long time, but officially it took place only last week. "Locomotive" has signed the canadian David Deane, gaining the peak of his career under 60 points for the season. The heyday of this little guy (170 cm) occurred in the years in "Montreal". In the 2011/2012 season he was even among the three best scorers of the legendary canadian club. However, before last season, David was traded to Edmonton just hours before the deadline.

he could Not reach the former figures in the "Rangers", but about any link in the AHL was not considered. Deane, as the author of a gold washer in structure "AK Bars" Rob Klinkhammer, was not drafted, that did not stop him to make a decent career. Was summary the 31-year-old striker and one season in Europe. At the time of the lockout he came to Switzerland, where he scored 16 points in 16 games for "Fribourg". If he kept the schedule of "points per game" and "Locomotive", Yaroslavl fans will wear the Deane arms.

Brandon Bochenski. Back in the "Barys"

This transfer largely stands alone. Brandon Bochenski returned to Astana, but last summer he moved to another club in the KHL like Dustin Boyd and did not return to play at home. The captain of the "Barys" took a much more radical decision – to retire. However, without hockey 36-year-old striker, who was in brilliant form, only lasted a year. With the change of the coaching staff and the "Barys" club captain decided to return to his beloved club.

the American, who played in the capital of Kazakhstan is seven years old and took local citizenship, is still able to score 50 points in a season. That's just his long-term partners link Boyd and daws in the team anymore. Nigel, not knowing about the plans of a friend, went to Yekaterinburg. Do Bochenski with leadership burden in the new environment? Anyway, Brandon should become the support for Andrei Skabelka, who will lead the "Barys" in the new season.