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Frankly that excites

CULTURE-prava.rf 06.07.2018 at 08:14

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Frankly that excites

this year marks five years of socio-educational project of the TSU "Open school of law". Took about four dozen of the big lessons that aired more than 150 radio shows, the media published hundreds of notes and correspondence on "school" theme.

— by the Way, who or what sets the theme of the next lesson? — I ask one of the curators of the "Open school of law", member of public Council at UMVD across the Tyumen region Yaroslav Ilyin.

— the more Often you are journalists who shape the news agenda. It always clear that now most people care about, what questions they would like to have a comprehensive and, most importantly, reliable answers — from the mouths of those who control the situation and control her. Talking about the first persons, heads of government agencies and professional societies.

Is probably the dream of every citizen — not to pester the many rooms, and immediately get on reception to the head.

— makes sense, because it is the leaders make decisions and responsible for the situation in the city and the region. Only with them candid conversation. But, the citizens not always possible to reach the heads — because of the professional And technical employment project provides such an opportunity: ask a question to the experts from among the first persons and immediately get the answer. It would seem that the simplest form of communication — informal conversation, but it at all times so demanded. Recall, for example, a picture Kivshenko "people Reading Russian Truth".

— And are the leaders to communicate with the people? How long did it take to entice the experts on the first lesson of "School"?

— No, we immediately found a response among those professionals who would like to see in their lessons. It has played a role and years of professional communication — curator of the "School" Olga Zagvyazinsky mine. And a high profile platform for dialogue: TSU is a classical University, which has always been a meeting place for the scientific community and practitioners, a place where the aspirations of the young generation and the opinions of experienced people. I think the experts are as excited to be here as the audience is to listen to them.

— the Main audience?..

— Pupils, students and socially vulnerable category of citizens — pensioners. Young people are always a lot of questions because they are just beginning to learn about life. And older people these issues arise, because they do not always keep up with the rapid flow of life, information flow, adoption of new laws... And it's important that they have someone to ask how to act in a given situation. Here is a good example: we were among the first in the region has widely covered the topic of cryptocurrencies was invited to discuss this phenomenon of experts from different fields, Bank workers, who spoke in detail about bitcoins. And our veterans, who took part in the lesson, came to the conclusion that it is better they stay away from all of this. In order not to become victims of swindlers who prey on all their new and obscure people. Well, this is also a very useful conclusion.

— the Theme "School" who, in your opinion, caused the greatest interest?

— Each theme in its own interest, because we choose to discuss, as I said, the most urgent issues. Remember, our first lesson was on black lists of sites — then, five years ago, it still few people know. The resonance was very broad. Great response found also the topic of vaccination, which we discussed on the radio after the broadcast we were quoted not only local but also national media. Always takes citizens and the subject of fraud. This, incidentally, is the case when the experts — the police, by themselves, offer material for lessons. Actually, I want to pay tribute to the leadership and the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs for that are always ready to dialogue and work together.

— Over the years, we suggest you have formed a circle of experts?

— Yes, we have permanent experts — specialists of the police, Prosecutor's office, Rospotrebnadzor, the Moscow Department for sports and youth policy, representatives of the "Association of lawyers of Russia"... Well, each to discuss the following themes are always joined by new experts possessing the latest information. Are highly qualified and recognized professionals, whose opinion is respected. There were cases when our area was trying to get questionable people positioning themselves as experts for certain issues. But during preliminary discussions easily revealed that they just wanted to be promoted at the expense of the project.

— that is, in your expert group is not so easy to get? Face control?

— how else? First, we care about the reputation of the project. Secondly -- Or also first, care about their audience. If we fail her, we will no longer trust. For all the information, which brings to citizens "Open school of law", are responsible curators. Because, as a rule, this information, corrective and coordinating people's behavior.

— is it Always enough of a lesson to discuss everything I would like?

— the Lesson lasts an hour and a half strictly limited and time of the performance of each expert. We even have a special bell to remind speakers about the rules. This is done in order to not have time, that is, on the water. Information should be specific, concise, easy to understand. But! One of the traditions of the "School" — be sure to make time for extracurricular communication of experts with the audience. We warn guests that they had at least another hour. One day after class on ecology that is how much the students asked further questions to the Deputy Governor Vyacheslav Vahrin.

— to Take and record all the answers... Not sorry material those lessons which will soon carry rapid information flow in the past?

on the one hand, of course, sorry. Other lessons have already brought people to their favor, and we must move on. Time throws new challenges and asks new questions.

— Is, in this regard, new ideas?

— I Really hope that the project will be continued is the list of topics that need to be discussed, inexhaustible. For example, right now together with employees of the Tyumen transport Prosecutor's office are preparing a radio programme on transport security and the protection of the rights of the users of transport services. But that's future plans. And in the future are thinking in order to create a subproject of the "School" — its working title "the Pumping of a leader." The idea is to form a team of the first persons of our region are ready to supervise students, to share experiences, give advice, guide... That would be a unique opportunity for young people to learn first hand about how to achieve success in that business, which they want to devote their lives to.

Mary samarkina, Tyumen courier 05.07.2018

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