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Nutritionists told me how to make salad useful

Infant 11.07.2018 at 09:20

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The holidays can put a cross on a diet or to encourage the person to excess which then will result in health problems. But, according to experts, it is possible to retain the traditional holiday table, while not causing much harm. The staff of the Siberian state medical University (SSMU) suggest slightly change the recipe of the salad.

so, they propose to abandon the salt, and pickles in a salad. Although cucumbers are not as nutritious, they are dangerous high salt content. But salt increases blood pressure and provokes swelling. Besides, like any other salty and spicy the product, they arouse excessive appetite, say nutritionists.

as for the mayonnaise, obviously not related to useful products, nutritionists allow you to use it. However, they rely on mayonnaise, cooked at home. And instead of sausage (a source of salt and TRANS fats) or other processed meat products, in the Olivier is better to add boiled meat (Turkey, chicken breast).