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The perfect health and immunity without medication. The acid-alkaline balance (2018) Webinar

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How to know healthy you have Ph or not? Simple. Go to the pharmacy or buy it e-PIAs-meter/disposable strips to measure Ph. Measure your saliva/urine, if the level of your Ph is less than 7.5-7.3 - zachislen you, and then you have a problem. The lower the ph the more problems.

However, you can't even measure. If you are NOT engaged in alkalinity of your body has not taken action in this direction, if you live in Russia or somewhere near it, then you are 100% zakislate. But it is better to make measurements and make sure everything himself. Clearly, so to speak.

All want to be healthy, but who thought about what is health? Of course, I'll give the answer to this question, but first try to answer it myself...

So, it is actually do not want "to be healthy", but simply not to hurt. Or more specifically, not to experience a state of disease.

the Disease = an acidic environment, and any from influenza to cancer.

that is, Yes, you understood correctly. Alkalinisation of the body and maintaining Ph in the alkaline side of the balance = the cure for any disease. Moreover, the disease organisms don't live longer than a couple days in an alkaline environment, they are there just not the place.

that Sounds incredibly naive, but the whole thing is that it's true. I myself still not comfortable to realize that my entire adult life I rigidly had.